My third story about parenting moments actually features my parents. They did two little things I always liked…

My dad used to say everything was an “adventure.” He’d be going to the grocery store, for example, and he’d ask us, “Want to go on an adventure?” We pile into the car, excited to try some cheese samples and listen to the radio while driving. That one word made everything feel thrilling.

Also, as twins, my sister and I often had to share candy (especially Skor bars, our favorite). But it was hard for us. “She got the bigger piece!” we would both protest. My parents’ solution, whenever we had to share food, was to let one sister break the bar in half and the other choose the piece. That way, you broke it evenly and were always satisfied with your piece. Problem solved.

What little things do you remember fondly about your parents during your childhood? Did your parents do the same sharing thing? (I think it might be a classic parent move:) Parenthood is so much about the little things; it keeps you on your feet. Big high five to all you parents–and siblings, babysitters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and caretakers–out there. xoxo

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