Childhood photos

Last night, I couldn’t sleep, so I was going through old family photos. In the top photo, above, my twin sister Lucy and I are kicking it in France, where we lived when we were really little. (Can you tell who’s who?) In the middle one, my mom, Lucy and I are on the ship that brought us to America. (That sounds so old-fashioned!) And the bottom one is me with a pink balloon (twenty-seven years before our engagement photos). xo

Update: I’m the baby on the left. The giant head gives it away.

  1. Nice collections. I like this photos and i am going to share this on celebrities childhood images sites.

  2. Oh my goodness! That first photo of you and your sister is so adorable. It looks like you’re sharing a naughty secret! It’s definitely a ‘squeal with cuteness’ photo!!

  3. i knew the one on the left was you :] and for the record, it wasn’t the giant head, it was the facial expression :] your crinkled nose, haha. super cute <3

  4. ooooo – these are fantastic. i feel like i’m watching ‘the diving bell and the butterfly’…which i totally mean as a compliment.

    what kind of camera do you think these were taken with?

  5. That photo with the pink balloon is so warm and nostalgic.

    Incidentally, I just took some photos of my 3-year-old with a pink balloon…

  6. these are beautiful!! i love old family photos. thanks for sharing! x

  7. how fabulous that you’re a twin, it was always my daydream as a child to have a twin sister! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend

  8. That’s the ship from the new (now old) Parent Trap right? The QE2. I love old photos.

  9. How sweet! Childhood photos always bring back those happy feelings from that time, when we were just who we are, making no efforts.

    Have a nice November!

    Lyssa ;)

  10. That photo of you and your sister together looks identical to a photo I have of my sister and I at that age. We are only 15 months apart and looked like twins growing up :)

  11. these are absolutely beautiful pictures! i believe they’re full of good childhood memories :)

  12. oh gosh, I absolutely LOVE these photos!!

  13. Joanna, these are adorable. I love old family photos. they are the best!

    so quick question, are you a french citizen, and american?! that would be amazing. i’m learning all about citizenship requirements around the world & i know it varies, my friend is a tri-citizen! (or whatever that would be called having 3 citizenships) i’m awfully jealous! : )


  14. Aww.. I love going through family snapshots from time to brings on such a wonderful feeling of nostalgia. I agree, the second shot is truly wonderful, you are soooo cute! Then and now!

  15. I love old pictures :) I especially love the one of you girls and your mum on the ship. My sister dug up a bunch of ours a while ago and it was really wonderful to see them again :) My sisters are twins and they like to ask ppl if they can figure out who’s who too hehe

  16. You & your giant head fixation:) Your head is fine. These are very cute,indeed.


    Good weekend

    Susan & GG

  17. Love the old photos! Thanks for sharing.

  18. The picture of you holding that balloon is so adorable! I have a similar picture of me blowing bubbles when I was that age. So sweet…

  19. These are great pictures; I absolutely love the one from the boat! And I love your YSL post about the pain au chocolat. I may have to put on some real clothes (still have on yoga togs) and slither down to the bakery!

  20. So sweet. I have a soft spot for twin girls, as I am the mother to an adorable set!

  21. Sweetness is the only word that comes to my mind.I absolutely believe these photos are verything yet not simple.They look like a pro took them.I mean it.The photographs are beautiful.End of story.

  22. I had those same buckle shoes!

  23. Anonymous says...

    just curious…why did you take a ship to the US as opposed to flying?

  24. I have also been going through old snaps, and I too have a few of my move to Scotland from Vermont when I was young. I am about to move back after 28 years to start a fresh and am so excited! Looking at your photos just makes me think, grab the time and experience and don’t forget your journey!

  25. monica, no way! that’s so funny! we literally were like ships passing in the night :)

  26. WOW! These pictures have a beautiful history behind. I loved the one where you are at the boat.

    B* a la Moda

  27. your grammy is like lady gaga. anti-pants!
    beautiful photos!

  28. ahh twins! i am a twin tooo! :) twin babies are tje cutest even if their head is quite giant ;) sooo cute!! my twin(eliza) had a bigger head :)love the photos!


  29. oh joanna – nice to “meet” you –
    these are lovely! i totally did the same thing just last night. eyes are a bit puffy today for it, but it was fun to reminisce!


  30. you are such an adorable baby. i love the photos.

  31. When I was younger my family moved from the States to England. My mother was 8 months pregnant at the time with my youngest sister, so we took the QE2 as well… just heading the other direction.
    Love the photos.

  32. so cute! thanks for sharing!

    when we were at my parents’ house last weekend, i pulled out all the pictures of me in my halloween costumes. it was so fun!

  33. I love old snaps. What a lovely insight to your childhood. How exciting it must have been arriving on a ship from France.

  34. What lovely photos!!!. It’s a beautiful walk through your past. Kisses from Spain. Ana

  35. Oh they are so sweet! How lucky to live in France when you were little! xx

  36. haha, such funny questions! :) * my mom is american and my dad is british, but we lived in france for a while. * the engagement pink balloon was serendipitous. * the person in the last photo is my grandmother and she’s in a bathing suit, haha! * i’m the baby on the left! :)

  37. I gave you a lovely blog award. Check it out – it is my latest entry. :)

  38. Sorry the book is called One and the Same. Her Daily Beast article was My Twin and Me.

  39. Have you read My Twin and Me by Abigail Pogrebin? She spoke at a lecture in Dayton this week and her relationship with her sister sounds so intriguing!

  40. These are adorable. But I’m distracted- is that person on the edge of the last pic not wearing any pants? Am I crazy?

  41. Too cute!! Little blondies! lol
    I went down memory lane with old photos for Halloween :)

  42. OMG!! you’re so sweet dear :)

  43. Just love old photos! thank you for sharing…smiles.

  44. adorable!

    cristin @ simplified bee

  45. I love the photo on the ship deck. Though I did not come over on a boat (we did live in France when I was small) my mother did, and I’m sure this would strike a chord for her!

  46. Oh cool, is that the QE2? Is your mum French? Ahh. Love old photies!

  47. Oh the top picture of you two looking at each other giggling just makes my heart melt! So adorable. Thanks for sharing :) xoxo

  48. Beautiful family photos. I love how photos have their own unique look, depending on the time period taken. They’re all strangely perfect in their own way.

  49. Oh, what beautiful photos! How fun it must have been on the ship when you were young! xoxo

  50. How fun!

  51. Adorable photos!

  52. what lovely photos!

    and what coincidence! my parents are going through old photos and sending some on to me. i’ve got a couple up today that just made my day!

  53. So cute! I love that you sailed to America (on the QE2! makes me think of Parent Trap) instead of flying, and I love that you can say that now- how funny to hear these days! Are you the baby on the left?

  54. love pictures from the past! adorable.

  55. Looking at old photos of my sister and me is possibly one of my very favourite ways to pass time. I love the contrast and colour on old-fashioned photo rolls.

    Was the pink balloon in the engagement photos serendipitous, or planned to match? Very sweet.

  56. You were (and are) such a cutie. Love those pink dungarees. I think I had something similar.

  57. You went to America by a ship? How long did it take? Love these pictures!

  58. I just went through some of my old family photos the other day as well. So much fun! Love these. I especially love the one of you and your sister. Are you on the left?


  59. these are really great, glad you could go through the old-school albums, sounds fun

  60. oh, so sweet. i love how old fashioned and charming it sounds to sail to America.

    i don’t know, but i’m gonna take a punt that it’s you on the right. am i right? and weirdly, even though i don’t know you and have probably never seen you from behind, i think that photograph of your mother looks just like you.

    anyway, they’re beautiful pictures!

  61. Do you feel like the same person inside? (I love family photos)

  62. these are really fantastic – especially the ship shot – lovely!