Last night, I was reading the book Playful Parenting, when I came across an anecdote about a mother, who had just had a third child. Her older kids had gotten clingy because they felt that the new baby was taking away from their time with her. So, she made up a genius game…

Each morning, “she would take each child on her lap and say that she was going to ‘fill them up with Mommy love.’ She’d start at their toes, work her way up and end with a kiss on top of their heads. Then she did the ‘love egg.’ Do you know that trick where you pretend to crack a egg over someone’s head by gently tapping them on the head and then spreading your fingers down their hair? She would call this the love egg and crack it over them, spreading more Mommy love. Both older kids loved this and wanted to do it every day. This five-minute game helped them to be able to play on their own and with each other while their mom was busy with the new baby; it also helped them to be loving and warm toward the baby instead of resentful.” — Playful Parenting

Isn’t that adorable? You could do it for many other reasons, too, like if you were going away on a trip or your child just needed some extra cuddling.

How many kids would you like to have? How many siblings do you have? Was it a tough adjustment going from one to two (or three or four…)? How did you (or your parents) try to help smooth the transition?

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(Photo by Digital Vision/Veer, via Parents Magazine)