Two tickets to the new Marilyn Monroe movie (to which you sneak in mini bottles of Champagne with straws, since that’s what Marilyn would do).

MoroccanOil Treatment to keep her hair smooth and silky all winter. (I swear by this; it’s magic.) $15.49.

An art print that’s funny ’cause it’s true. $17/small to $47/large, by Gemma Correll.

Adorable sparkly flats, which would look cute with everything, $118.

Mistletoe for her house. $3.49 plain, $10 with a hanging kit and breath mints!

Cheeky umbrella, 45 Canadian dollars.

2012 subscription to Martha Stewart Living. The new editor-in-chief Pilar Guzman (formerly of Cookie Magazine) has amaaaazing ideas. Excited to see what’s in store. $24.

Marble balloons, 8 for 1.99 British pounds (or 100 for 10.60 British pounds, if you want to go nuts).

Bensimon sneakers to wear all year (and delight her inner French girl). $57.

Fortune-Telling Book of Names, so she can look up herself, her friends, her future children…and every guy she’s ever dated (obviously). $9.95.

Magic 8 Ball Pen, $7.

A candle inspired by Jane Austen, $22.

Wooden animal boxes, $49 each.

A tiny Rosemary or Lemon Cypress tree for her house (and they smell so good), $58.

A personalized coffeetable book about her beloved pup. $44.

Striped ski hat, $85.

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(Balloons via Abbey and Jordan)