Our Romantic Weekend Getaway (Without the Baby!)

My darlings, we’ve talked about when you’d feel ready to travel without your baby. I was itching for a romantic trip with Alex yet too nervous to leave Toby behind–but for Alex’s birthday, we decided to take the plunge! I’d love to share a few photos of our trip…

My mom came from Michigan for the weekend to babysit Toby. We were thrilled and felt really comfortable having her there. (Of course, I still left a psychotically detailed list of instructions, maps and phone numbers:)

When planning our trip, I figured we’d stay in the New York area, but then I found an AMAZING deal online for a hotel room at Parrot Cay in the Turks & Caicos! Neither Alex nor I had ever been to the Caribbean (have you?), and it was only a three-hour flight from New York. So, after some thought–since we were celebrating both Alex’s birthday trip and our first trip without Toby–I decided to go for it and book two nights. We. Were. Psyched.

As soon as we arrived, we headed straight the beach, which seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. The white sand led to warm turquoise water that was so clear, you could see your feet. You could wade way, way out into the water and still only be up to your waist. It was like out of a magazine. I’d never seen anything like it!

Then we walked to the restaurant for lunch, where we shared conch fritters and fish tacos.

Afterward, we read books by the pool, which was gorgeous.

The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming, floating and playing games of Would-You-Rather. The light was so gorgeous, I brought the camera into the water, even though it gave Alex a mild heart attack.

One funny moment: Alex called the front desk to see if we could borrow snorkeling gear, and I overheard his conversation about mask sizes: “My wife has a big head for a woman…I mean…she looks great, but she has a big head…I mean, I have a big head, too…” Haha, noted.

The first night, we relaxed and read books on the World’s Longest Sofa, and then ordered room service (including more conch fritters).

But the funniest moment of the trip was our second night, when we made friends with an awesome couple at the hotel and ended up going skinnydipping! We never do that kind of thing, but it was such a funny, nutty moment–and we definitely felt like ourselves pre-baby!

As for traveling without Toby, the experience was thankfully much easier than I had expected (or feared!). And a two-night trip was the perfect length, since I was really missing him on the third day. When we arrived back in New York on Sunday, the cab drove us home, and I dropped my bags and ran up the stairs to our apartment. Oh, I only had eyes for him. Serious smooches ensued right after this photo was taken!!

Taking a romantic getaway after having a baby felt so, so refreshing and revitalizing–even more than I had expected–and was just such a treat after a year (or years) of breastfeeding, bathing, carrying, singing, etc.! xoxoxo

What about you? Have you ever been to the Caribbean or any other awesome beaches?

(P.S. Update: My green dress was from Ace & Jig)

  1. Lindsay Somers says...


    Thank you for this! I’m headed to Turks + Caicos in two weeks with my husband and am trying to anticipate how we want to spend our time there. This was helpful.

    Lindsay Somers

  2. I live in the Caribbean. :) And you are welcomed here anytime…I’ll show you around.

    Oh…’here’ is Trinidad and Tobago.

  3. Delayed comment but this is too sweet…glad you had such a fun time.

  4. Wow, you don’t know how relieved I am to hear that your vacation was as refreshing as you say. My biggest fear after having kids is that it would affect my love for travel. But it’s good to see that you can still get away even with a child.

    Maria xx

  5. Wow that beach looks so amazingly beautiful!

    Glad you had a great time, you guys deserve it.
    I have never been on Caribean Islands… but I’d love to!

  6. Honeymooned at Parrot Cay! AMAZINGLY beautiful. Your pics made me so jealous!

  7. hello ciao pretty bah!

  8. what a beautiful trip! I have to comment and say i giggled at alex and the “big head” conversation– love indeed, i say! my husband would have said the same– except in our case, i’m the only one with the big head ;) ha!

    skinny dipping– huzzah. :)

  9. I hope you didn’t go skinny-dipping with the couple you met!!! what a fun trip!

  10. Love Turks & Caicos! So glad y’all got to go and enjoy it!!!
    Skinny dipping story = awesome!

  11. your articles are really great!!!they are so inspiring…god bless you and your family…

  12. Wonderful!! I am so blessed to live IN the Caribbean. I’m from Venezuela and let me tell you that this country is BEAUTIFUL regardless of its political issues. If you ever come to Venezuela you will enjoy it.
    Lovely warm and quiet beaches. Of course I would recommend yo Los Roques o Margarita island but we have coasts in almost every estate :)

  13. Anonymous says...

    Please share where you scored such an amazing deal!

  14. What an amazing getaway! Glad that you – and Toby – fared well in this first solo trip. I can see why leaving him would be extremely tough – he is so cute!