Our holiday cards

My darlings, it’s officially the holiday season! Whoot whoot! We’ve never sent out family holiday cards before (have you?), but this year, we were really excited about it. We went with our favorite vacation photo, along with two different simple layouts from Pinhole Press, and we added red heart stickers to the envelopes. I’m looking forward to sending them to our friends and relatives, especially those who live an ocean away.
In other news: As we were taking these photos at my friend’s house, Toby got his first kiss. He cried.

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  3. love, love, love the photo of your family. What a simple way to show so much love!

  4. Joanna, Your holiday cards are beautiful! I’m FINALLY getting around to ordering our holiday cards, and I love so many of the Pinhole Press ones! I’m a big fan of flat cards, however I like being able to write a short note on the back to make it more personal. As these cards have a pattern on the back, any ideas for how to include a personal note?

    Happy holidays!

  5. these are amazing!

  6. thanks to you, i am in LOVE with Pinhole Press. i just ordered our holiday cards yesterday and am so so so so so x a million excited. i did the “Joy to the World” in swirly font template. your cards are so precious. the pic we chose is of my 9 month old daughter, so this is her first Christmas, and like you i ordered a whole bunch to send to practically everyone we know, haha! can’t wait to show her off.

  7. cutest baby ever.

  8. Your cards look great! Thanks for the Pinhole Press recommendations. We just received our holiday cards in the mail from Pinhole Press and they look amazing. Very excited to send them out!

  9. I love these! You always post the most creative and inspiring stuff — now I want to do a Christmas card with my cat! :)

  10. I love that picture of the sweet girl kissing Toby! Your holiday cards are adorable.

  11. So cute :)

  12. fleur_delicious, my sister puts all the holiday cards they receive onto a side table in her living room. it’s so fun to see them all and read through them and (cheesily) feel all the love! i love that tradition — and i love how your mom put them around a doorway.

  13. Angele Phillips says...

    I nearly fell off my seat when I checked out the Pinhole Press website again and saw that they started shipping to Canada. I was so giddy I ordered everything I’ve been coveting for the past 6 months, including holiday cards! We send cards every year, I can’t wait to get ours in the mail! Your family is beautiful!

    xo Angele

  14. he is looking pretty much exactly like the gerber baby. #adorable

  15. “Toby got his first kiss. He cried.”=))))
    OMG, that’s so sweet! :))
    And he has the most gorgeous eyes! :x

  16. Toby’s probably still at that “Ewww, girrrrls!” stage. :)

  17. aw, shucks, he’s so cute! No wonder that little girl couldn’t resist! Poor Toby – better get used to it! =)

    We sent out cards again this year. I’ve been doing it for the last few years. I know, it’s rather a waste of paper, but I like to send them out to the family and friends that I know I won’t get to see in person, just to say “Hello! Sending you love!” – plus, who doesn’t love to get real mail? I know I always feel special when I receive a holiday card. I always think of my mother, who would fill out all those cards herself and mail them – and then tape up each one we received around one particular doorway in the house. It would be covered every year! She must have sent out a LOT of cards!

    So now I love searching for just the *right* cards (got some gorgeous letterpress ones this year from inkadoodle on etsy) and writing a sweet personal message to each person. It’s tradition!

  18. love!

  19. seashoreknits, i hope you love the jeans! and monica, that’s so funny; great minds, haha :)

    thanks for these sweet comments!!

  20. awww so cute!

  21. so cute! love the little heart too.

  22. so sweet! i love your holiday cards. perfect. :)

  23. HA! that last photo just kills me. soo cute. i can tell he is on the verge of crying.

    his expression says: “what is this slobbery wetness i feel on my cheek that doesn’t resemble anything like my parents??!!”….

    also, regarding your hyphenated last name post above, in Vietnamese culture, almost all girls have hyphenated first names. ‘Tis true. Have a happy Monday Joanna!

  24. The little man’s getting hair! He’s so beyond adorable.

  25. The cards are beautiful!

  26. I can’t believe how much Toby has grown – such a big boy now! And he’s utterly edible, he’s so cute :)

    Love your Xmas cards. I’m also thinking of having a family portrait printed on our Xmas cards this year. My relatives all live in the UK or Aussie and I’m crap and sending any photos (in print or by email) so they should like receiving a little family Xmas card!

  27. wow toby’s grown so much! so cute that he cried at his first kiss!!

  28. One of my favorite photos of you cutie-pies.
    And Toby is looking more and more like his sweet mama :)
    Oh, and Joanna, I took your recommendation and ordered some grey jeans from Emerson on this cyber-Monday.
    Too too excited!

  29. we chose the same “PEACE” cards! I actually shared them on the blog last week:) I love them. I just adore the photo you’ve chosen. such a beautiful family portrait. sheer bliss is what I think of when I see it.

    also, Toby is looking more and more like you every day! x

  30. Toby has become a little boy right before our eyes (no longer the babe in arms). As a mom of three, i know it’s heart-breaking and exciting at the same time.
    lovelovelove the holiday pic…candid, peaceful and full of love!

  31. yes, holiday gift guide coming up very soon!! :)

  32. thats cute!

  33. he’s starting to look so much like you!

  34. You chose the perfect photo. It screams family togetherness. I love the Peace one. And a first kiss is quite exciting. Even though he didn’t like it. Ha!

  35. The card is absolutely beautiful! I love it.

  36. sweet cards! question, love toby’s pants – where are those from (hard to find great boy clothing…!)?

  37. I loved that photo when you first posted it here, and it certainly makes a wonderful holiday card! Love it. Toby is so handsome in his tree sweater!

  38. These are super cute!

  39. Yes! I second previous comments. I would love to see some holiday gift guides!

  40. So precious! We can’t wait to get our cards as well.

  41. Walking and getting kisses! Momentous month for the little man. They grow up so quickly. He’ll be writing his own blog any day now.

  42. the boy & i have been contemplating making christmas cards this year, as we never have before. i would feel so adult ;) all i can think about is my mom slaving for hours at the kitchen counter writing out cards, stuffing them with the school photos of me and my siblings, and scribbling out the addresses. i got to lick the envelopes.

    awww, toby’s first kiss! how sweet!

  43. Awww…how cute!

    As for the cards…my boyfriend and I decided not to send them out this year, but you’re seriously making me second guess that decision…

  44. lisahickey says...

    Is Toby’s sweater wool? Where is it from? It’s adorable!

  45. Awww Toby! He looks like you Joanna, he has your eyes :)

  46. love love love!!!! that picture is pure dreamy.
    hey joanna- are you on instagram!?

  47. why did he cry? that other baby seemed pretty enough….:)

  48. This looks like a marvelous family photo! I love the idea with the simple heart sticker centered in the middle.


  49. Suzanne says...

    We always send cards. This year we made an “we-are-going-to-move-and-happy-holidays” card this year it’s lovely!

    Your cards looks so sweet.

  50. toby’s first kiss! adorable.

  51. So cute! I decided to get my holiday cards from Pinhole Press too, thanks to your recommendation. When is your holiday gift guide?

  52. Love the simple cards!

    What type of camera do you shoot with? I’m in the market for a new one…

  53. oh they look wonderful! This is reminding me, we need to get on it– everyone in my family sends Christmas cards, um except for us. THIS year we will!!

  54. we are sending out holiday cards for the first time this year too! i will have to check out Pinhole Press. Love the print on the back!

    p.s. what a perfect moment to capture! Toby is adorable!

  55. i just love your family pic! very cute. and toby is the sweetest, a first kiss can be quite overwhelming ;-)

  56. just precious. i am looking for a simple, fresh layout like this.

    i love the red heart stickers too. nice touch ;)

  57. Your cards are adorable! Good choices!

  58. Toby is too cute!

  59. I absolutely love your cards! I’m a graphic designer so I love making our family cards every year. I better get to it, Christmas is right around the corner!

  60. Adorable! Also, will you be doing gift guides this year? I’m in dire need of suggestions for men of all ages!

  61. what an adorable little family! that photo will glam up anyone’s fridge!

  62. Such a stunning picture . . . how it will be for your family and friends to find this in their mailbox.


  63. thanks for all these cute comments! sharon, we just sent regular cards (from the stationery shop) and only sent them to close family. this year, we’re sending them to all our friends and family, with little notes to them all :)

  64. Toby is growing up to be the handsomest boy! What beautiful eyes. And that’s too funny that he cried at the kiss!

  65. Anonymous says...

    I love the simplicity of these cards – they’re perfect!

  66. These are so great! I can’t believe you captured Toby getting his first kiss- such an amazing photo! Ps- congrats on Toby walking, too!

  67. That is such a cute holiday card! Your son is ADORABLE! His first kiss..LOL Too cute!! <3

  68. Very nice, very crisp-looking. I like just the red and black and white.

    What kind of cards did you send prior to this Christmas?

  69. Oh that is just such a simple and cute greetings card. I love it, the picture, the design, everything, right down to the heart sticker to seal the envelope!

    I’d love to make holiday cards one day, it’s not something English tend to do that much but I might see if I can start the trend in the UK.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  70. Just wanted to let you know that I also ordered my christmas cards from Pinhole Press, and they came out so amazing that I’m itching for Dec 1 to come so I can finally send them out!! I also made my parents and in-laws “parents albums” with pictures from our wedding and they are just gorgeous!! Thanks for the recommendation!

  71. Colette says...

    your son looks exactly like your brother. in pictures, at least.

  72. your christmas cards are so precious. i love them :)

    and lucky toby!

  73. the holiday cards are beautifully designed. and toby’s face in the final photograph is too adorable!

  74. lizzy, my friend actually took these photos, she has a fancy camera:) we have a canon G12.

  75. jenny, haha, i’ll definitely let him know!! :)

  76. I think its so beautiful and sweet. The picture is truly peaceful to me!

  77. Great picture. And I love how you added that little red heart sticker to the back of the envelope. Cute!

  78. He cried! Haha!

  79. You take the most beautiful photos of your sweet family! May I ask what type of camera you use?

  80. ok, toby is seriously handsome– it’s almost unfair for a baby to have THAT many good genes ;)


  81. Those pictures are so sweet!!!

    I’m super excited to get my holiday cards. For the past couple of years my husband and I have gotten handmade monogrammed cards from a lady I work with, her cards are always so beautiful!

  82. Such a sweet photo! Awww so perfect for a holiday card. From Brooklyn with love ~jen

  83. What a sweet card!! Makes me feel bad we did not do any this year… Ah, next year!!!

  84. CUTEST cards EVER!

  85. I’m thinking Toby looks like a (very) young Hugh Grant. Anyone else see it?

    • I know, right? I just saw a picture of boy Hugh and came right in to find this comment. :)

    • I know, right? I just saw a picture of boy Hugh and came right in to find this comment. :)

  86. The kiss pic is really cute! (although he ended up crying :)

  87. I absolutely love your holiday card. It’s perfect!

  88. Your Christmas cards are beautiful & Toby’s first kiss completely made my morning! Xx

  89. oh, such a pretty card.

    & congrats on toby walking, love how the littles “toddle” to & fro.
    have a festive blessed season.

  90. Love them! Simple, but really effective. Nice idea…

  91. he was probably very touched :)


  92. awesome pic on the card an cute layout! My fam usually does one, so i’m lumped in with them. And holy cow i dont think toby could get any sweeter.he cried? love it.

  93. Absolutetly, lovely…thanks for sharing.

  94. Absolutely, lovely…thanks for sharing.

  95. beautiful holiday card!

  96. Toby really is kissable!

  97. Awww, this is so lovely and adorable — the card and Toby’s first kiss! :)

  98. Sooo adorable! His face is precious.

  99. Aww, beautiful Holiday cards.

  100. Adorable! The love in that photo is so apparent.

    I’ll definitely make onw next year with our new little one. :)

  101. one of my favorite pictures of your family!