Many readers have asked how to ride a bike with a baby. We started when Toby turned one, and I’d love to share what we’ve learned…

We’ve had the loveliest breezy rides with Toby in the early mornings and evenings–down the Hudson River, around Central Park, across the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve found it really freeing to be able to ride a bike together, instead of having to always lug around the stroller. Biking with a little one is totally invigorating!

As for the seat, Alex and I are huge fans of the front bike seat. When the seat’s in front, you can keep a close eye on your baby, which feels safe and secure; plus, you can chat and sing and feed them crackers:) And what a thrill for the babies! Seriously, it must feel like a roller coaster!

So, which brand of front bike seat? We’ve tried two…

1. The first seat we tried was the WeeRide Kangaroo, $48 (above). Pros: Our friends Kendra and Seth had highly recommended it (here’s a cute photo of Kendra riding with their daughter). It’s affordable, and you can order it easily from Amazon. Cons: Because of the seat’s position, you have to ride with your knees slightly out to the side. (Nerds.)

Then that seat got stolen. (Curses, NYC!)

2. The second seat we got was the Bobike Mini, $140 (below). (We would have ordered the WeeRide again, but didn’t want to wait for Amazon shipping.) Pros: This Dutch seat is designed beautifully and feels streamlined. You can take the seat on and off easily (so, if you’re not riding with your child, you can remove it in two seconds). Cons: It’s three times more expensive than the WeeRide. Also, the seat attaches to your stem (think: the handlebar rod), which can feel wobbly when you’re getting on and off the bike.

Overall: I’d highly recommend either of these seats (and polka-dot Nutcase helmet!).

Do you ride bikes with your kids? Would you want to try it out? Where do you live? Do you have any bike gear that you’d recommend?

P.S. Toby’s first “ride.” :)

(Photos by Laura Ratliff and Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. My helmet by Bern, and Toby’s helmet by Nutcase)