1. That’s a pretty fancy ride for Toby’s first time out. And he looks simple marvelous on it.

  2. Has anyone commented on the really awkward position of the bike seat, yet?

    It’s waaaaaay far back. I think the bike is too small for its owner

  3. What brand are your jeans?!? I’m in love with the fit!

  4. I love your comment about him sliming and getting transfixed by the camera. My son does the same thing. Smile or no smile Toby is king! Look at his chubs.

  5. Aw what a stylish mommy! I have baby fever & can’t wait to start my family. I adore everything you post about babies. I just have to finish college first & marry my lover. Thank you for posting such wonderful things Joanna!

  6. He is a precious, adorable baby
    Glad to see how much you are enjoying him

  7. He is so adorable. I can’t help but smile at this picture.

  8. So freaking cute!

  9. Mirka says...

    Such a cute little baby. I am in love! :)

  10. fantastic photos! thanks for the giggle today. Toby is adorable and so is his mamma :-)

  11. Joanna, you are such a beautiful mother! i love these pictures, you look so great and Toby is so adorable!

  12. oh my gosh- he is such a handsome lad! i love these posts- you’re life is so cool!


  13. Mo says...

    Oh my word, so adorable! I love how he always looks shocked/puzzled. And now you have me staring at his big top/little bottom, lol, cute.

  14. So adorable! And so well dressed–that hat, those socks! Love your red Converse, too!

  15. aww, he’s getting so big!

  16. Anonymous says...

    OMG, too cute. Look at his little feet. Aaahh…:-)

  17. CUTE BABYYYYY! Those cheeks, those cheeks! ;)


  18. Anonymous says...

    yes please please please share your post-baby skinny jeans secrets!!!

  19. hello, you look GREAT!!!! do share your post-pregnancy secrets!!

  20. haha his face says “mom why are yo doing this to me?!”. he’s so gorgeous

  21. Anonymous says...

    WOW that is one cute baby!

  22. That child of yours is just too cute for words.

  23. He has to be the cutest little man, he’ll be riding bikes everywhere with you guys. And look at you, you look wonderful, such a good looking momma!!

  24. Your red converse are always awesome. I wish I could pull them off!

  25. I mean really. This is insanely adorable! Love those rosy cheeks — and his socks. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  26. Toby is so adorable! Love his hoodie and little beanie. Also, I keep saying to myself I need to get a pair of red Converses like yours. They’d brighten my days every time I look down! xx

  27. You look great! Your son is the cutest!

  28. Where did you get those jeans???

  29. Your son is just about the cutest little guy I have ever seen and boy do you ever look fabulous for a new mommy!

  30. such a wee heartbreaker! and may i say you’re looking glorious post baby, i don’t know how you do it, running around after your little man perhaps? you look so happy :)

  31. He’s totally looking like he has a sweet personality and expressive face! My boyfriend rides that same bicycle (but here in Denver), so this is great all around!

  32. haha Joanna you look like you’ve never been pregnant in your life. :) love the skinny jeans.

    and Toby’s “what’s happening to me?” expression.

  33. This picture is too sweet! You both look great, I’m loving Toby’s hoodie and polka dot socks! He is precious!

  34. OMG. You look amazing. Seriously. And the babe? He is quite adorable as well.

  35. I’m not being overly dramatic when I say that this is quite possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve not seen a baby in aaaaaaages. Why did nobody tell me they were so CUTE.

  36. aww i like his surprised expressions. it’s quite cute. eek little button nose.

  37. SK says...

    he is way too cute! i love his expression in the first photo. he already looks excited to ride his first tricycle!

  38. um…you have the cutest baby ever. he should be a baby model. :D

  39. toby weighs about 17 pounds now. a chunky monkey! :) and yes, the robot hoodie was a gift from a friend from babyGap — a robot themed bday party sounds adorable!! xoxo

  40. haha, you guys are so sweet!! the trench coat was from Maje in paris (i LOVE LOVE LOVE that brand) xo

  41. He is adorable!

  42. I LOVE those rosy cheeks!!! Muax!

  43. Kerry says...

    I believe there is nothing in this world cuter than baby feet!

  44. so sweet! love the hat!

  45. can never start too early :) He looks like a cartoon, very sweet!

  46. Oh, he is so cute. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing these adorable photos.

  47. Glenda says...

    Joanna, he’s adorably cute!

  48. he is too adorable! look at his little socks! it’s too much. too much!

  49. Oh my gosh. Your son makes my ovaries ache…and I’m nowhere near having a baby. You have a beautiful family! PS: Your hair is gorgeous.

  50. oh my! that face is too precious… and his little spotted socks are adorable too :)

  51. that’s super cute!!

  52. That might just be the cutest – and most hilarious – picture. Ever. :)

  53. Toby is the cutest little boy eva! good job! =)

  54. hilarious! and so cute. my baby lucas’ head/body is the same way. cracks me up. you look fantastic joanna!

  55. those eyebrows get me every time, Joanna!

  56. So adorable! What a funny little guy :)

  57. hes too adorable. Is that a robot hoodie? My almost one year old is having a robot theme birthday. :)

  58. Anonymous says...

    So cute! I love babies too. I was sort of whatever about them before I had my twins but now I have serious baby fever! It’s crazy. How much does Toby weigh now? He looks tiny but maybe my 5 month olds are just MONSTERS:) I love your mommy style (just like everyone else)…please, please do another fashion post for those of us who long to get out of yoga pants:)

    Lisa M

    PS – Where is the trench from that you wore in you BFing post?

  59. Tania says...

    You both look great! But I have a very important question: how did you put off the baby weight? All ears to hear the secret :)

  60. Ha! I love that you pointed that out. Kids’ bobble heads are the best!

  61. Oh my goodness Joanna he is SOOOOO cute. Seriously, I need to look away. Baby fever!!

    xx Katie

  62. oh, betsy, those are adorable!! thanks for all these really sweet comments. :)

  63. Meredith says...

    Adorable! And you’re such a cute mama!

  64. Too cute. Both of you!

  65. omg. i died. LOVE him!!!!

  66. He is so so cute. His eyebrows kill me. You both are adorable. Also? I envy that you don’t have any snow yet.

  67. aw! how cute! look at the expression on his face!

  68. He is SO CUTE! Great pics.

  69. have you ever seen Little Lark’s bike shirts for babies. We don’t have anything to do with them, but they are the cutest thing ever.
    Very cute picture.


  70. So cute, love his cozy clothes. And you look great! Looks like you lost all of the baby weight already.

  71. lyndsey, it was actually a sweet gift from Oeuf. he wears it almost every day. babyGap also has some nice ones. xoxo

  72. so cute! where did you get his hat? i’ve been seriously struggling to find good beanies & winter hats for my 4-month-old.

  73. Oh goodness me! Those teensy little baby legs <3 What a doll!

  74. really cute <3 xxx

  75. Aw, so cute!
    ps. I love your shoes! :)

  76. oh my goodness, joanna. he is the most beautiful baby! the ladies are going to swoooon for him! what sweet photos. xx

  77. i like how toby looks permanently surprised.

  78. He’s the cutest thing ever! A future cyclist in the making ;-)

  79. Cute baby but my first thought was how amazing your body looks so soon after giving birth !

    Good genes / jeans at play me thinks heh :D

  80. Awwww Toby is so cute!!!

  81. so cute! i thought he was just wearing a puffy sweater :) don’t worry, once he starts biking his legs will fill out!

  82. You look so happy with your cute baby! Can’t wait to have mine…or maybe I’m a bit closer to achieving that dream ;)
    and it’s funny indeed how big is his upper body! hadn’t noticed that before!

  83. Adorable! The only time my cyclist hubs brings up kids is when he sees babies in bikeseats. I’m “allowed” to have kids if he’s “allowed” to ride them everywhere. (Get Toby one of those european kiddie wooden bikes – the ones without pedals – that teach balance)

  84. Just when I think we’ve seen the cutest photos of Toby there could possibly be, we get one even cuter!! I mean really, the most adorable baby ever. In a wee little hoodie and everything!

  85. He is adorable!

  86. Cuuuute :D

  87. Toby is so adorable! He’ll be biking before you know it! :)

  88. He’s so cute I want to bite him

  89. aw, thanks for the nice comments. my jeans are A&G from Anthropologie, and my sweatshirt is from urban outfitters five years ago.

  90. He is so cute I seriously squealed out loud.

  91. Tori says...

    How sweet! I love his little socks!
    By the way, are those the Gap skinny jeans you’ve written about? They look great!
    It seems like you snapped right back from pregnancy!
    : )

  92. Adorable!! These pictures are so sweet. And yes, my babe has the big/long upperbody and teeny legs. It’s endearing.

  93. I LOVE the expression on his face in the first photo – he looks a little worried. Also, YOU ARE SO SKINNY!!! I’m still claiming that it’s “baby weight” and my kid is two (how long do you think I can pull that one off?). You look great!!!!

  94. Before you know it, you guys will be riding together all around NYC. Or maybe he’ll win the tour of France int he future!

  95. proper diddy feet!

  96. maggie says...


  97. That first picture of Toby is adorable! You’ll have to get him into some Live Strong gear to continue with the seed planting. :) Happy riding!

  98. omg!! His tiny little baby legs! I die! That bike makes him look so tiny!

  99. lol he is soooo tiny on that bike! adorable.

  100. i CANNOT wait until he’s a year old and can go in a bike seat. i’m literally counting the days.

  101. Awww he looks so adorable:) I bet you cant wait to get him a cute little boy-bike!

  102. (also I swear Toby does smile; he just always gets transfixed by the camera. gives him a super serious expression in all our photos:)

  103. cutie!!!!

  104. good lord he’s an adorable baby! Love his rosy cheeks:)

  105. My son has the same hoodie! Love it!