1. WOW..I am very much excited about the bike rides. I did it when I was 8 years old only. I love it lot. I am feeling envious from you…;-)

  2. Anonymous says...

    What kind of bike are you riding?
    It looks comfortable. Thanks

  3. I’ve been debating for weeks on buying a bike…that happens to look exactly like the one in these pictures. I think if I could get those shoes to go with it I’d be skipping out on work right now to go get it. Till then, these pictures will just help me lean more and more to side of getting the bike.

  4. hee, that’s adorable :)

  5. adorable!!! makes me want to get my bike out and take it for a nice long ride (if it weren’t so chilly out, heehee) :D

  6. These are great photos, and remind me how cool Manhattan is…little dribbles of nature and green found amongst the city streets

  7. those kid bike seats are THE BEST. they really help wee ones learn balance and conquer any fears about going fast. Stay away from the behind the seat ones!! yea bikes!

  8. Bike Rides are the greatest.

  9. adorable. i love that panned shot. and i love her shoes.

  10. So cute! And you’re right about the countryside- until you said anything about Manhattan, I thought that’s where they were!

  11. Weeeeeee!!! Looks like so much fun :)

  12. Oh, how cool! I’ve never seen a kid’s seat on a bike like that. Very cute :)

  13. TOO SWEET! love it!

  14. I love the seat in front… that is totally what I will get when we have kids . Super cute!

  15. I just love these photographs. They make me want to go on a bike ride myself! :)

  16. So cute! Can you tell me what kind of child seat that is? I want to get one for my son. Thanks so much!

  17. i heart your bicycle and the view is soo pretty :) very much like the country and not in upper manhattan….looks like they enjoyed themselves

    happy thursday

  18. aaahhhh, they look so sweet :)

  19. I love the little bike seat in front. When I was little, my dad had one of those kid’s seats that attached behind the regular bike seat. It was terrifying! This seat up front looks way more comfortable.

  20. Looks like Summer! Here I am in dark, damp old England burrowing in for the Winter. Think of me when you walk out of your office at the end of the day and actually see the sun. :)

  21. So adorable!

  22. These pictures are super duper cute. I especially love the semi-blurry one with the little girl.

  23. that’s so adorable!

  24. Super cute. The Smoots are one styley little family, for sure.

  25. Awww they are adorable!!

  26. Anonymous says...

    Love the shoes and shorts!