Pinhole Press vacation book

We love taking vacation photos (who doesn’t?) but then we never really look at them again. They’re just stuck on our computers. So! We decided to make a Pinhole Press photo book with our England vacation snapshots, and I love love love the way it turned out. The paper is really soft, the photos look gorgeous, and it’s amazing to have a little book of our vacation. Alex and I have read through it like fifty times. :) Here are a few of the pages…
Anyway, it was easy to make and it’s so wonderful to have; now I’m dying to make litte photo books for all our vacations and events, including every Christmas break and our wedding and honeymoon. Thought I’d share! xoxo
P.S. Inspired, I also made some thank-you notes to have on hand at home, using a photo Amy Merrick emailed me of her flowers. :)

  1. This is lovely books. that’s do amazing work.I have lots of pics in my computer.I want to create perfect album.

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  2. By the way, I took a look at your sit If you keep going with that, I think that I will like it.

  3. It can’t have effect in fact, that is exactly what I suppose.

  4. Wow great place in hotel. I like it this place. Keep it up………

  5. I love this idea – thanks for sharing. And I can see what you mean about it looking like the Toast catalog.

    Polruan is my home town so I’m ever so slightly biased!

    I’m all pleased to hear that Pinhole will be shipping to the UK soon. We’re getting married in Polruan in a few weeks time and it will be a great keepsake to make a book of the weekend for family and friends.

    I’m so excited to be able to welcome friends to Polruan who haven’t visited before.

  6. wonderful idea !

  7. I love that idea!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful job they did. You just gave me a perfect idea for my anniversary coming up. Thanks! I haven’t seen such a lovely print job in a while!

  9. I REALLY like this a lot. I know what you mean about being stored away bc we have been to Malaysia, Indonesia, Bali, Dubai and so many places and I feel like all the amazing pictures are just up :(. How much did this cost you if you do not mind? I would LOVE to have some made. I am not in the states though.

  10. Lovely! I do one of these after every bog holiday, but at the end of each year I also do a book of the year to collect all those little random photos that wouldn’t make an album. We have them going back as far as 2002 now – they’re so lovely to flick through :)

  11. It looks so nice… unfortunately i live in London, do you happen to know a similar site that works in UK? Thanks for the inspiration!!

  12. Great album. I did the same in February for my husband’s birthday…I put the pics of our 2010 trips: Summer in Ireland&Christmas in Paris.

  13. what a great idea!! it’s so beautiful!

  14. the photobook is wonderful!

  15. those photo books are such a lovely idea! are they expensive? i want one! x

  16. Our wedding photographer failed to deliver our album, but at least we have the high resolution photos. I’m now going to make them into an album using Pinhole Press. Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. We are the same…photos just stay on our computer forever and we do nothing to create a tangible record of our vacation (besides pray our computer doesn’t crash before we back it up). I think we’ll have to take a peek at these. I’m bookmarking…

  18. Love the idea and thank you for sharing Jo!

    I have finally sorted the pics accordingly, so it’s a great start and hopefully can have photo books for each occassion.

    Hi five to Toby from England.

  19. it’s touch my heart each page i say serious fall in love : )

  20. L says...

    I adore this!! What a fantastic idea.

  21. great photos. i absolutely love the cover :)

  22. Michigan was great!!! I didn’t take too many pictures bc I was obsessed with just watching Toby navigate the stairs and clap! Great Polruan memory book!! Miss you, Joanna.

  23. I am definitely going to do this for my trip to Europe this fall!! Thanks for the great idea!

  24. Anonymous says...

    I actually think that photo of Toby is very cute. He looks engaged and alert. Amazing book.

  25. Anonymous says...

    These pictures are glorious. What a coffee table book. I love that the paper feels so good. I may just have to order one myself!

  26. Joanna, this is a beautiful book. Something you will have forever. You should make a book for each year…wouldn’t that be cool? It could even be divided by season! :)

  27. thanks, I am totally doing this! I have thousands of pics on the computer and I never get around to making albums, this is perfect!

  28. how could anyone say ANYTHING negative about Toby? My god! I guess it takes all kinds in this world of ours….but seriously. Remember, Jo: Haters gonna hate :)

  29. awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! i love it! definitely send to milly! xoxoxo

  30. love it!! Do you have any pics from michigan? did yall have a fun trip? xox

  31. Gorgeous and such a treasure. These books really are the best. I’ve used them in various forms (shutterfly/kodak) for my designs portfolios, but now think I’ll go with pinhole for future books (you’ve successfully converted me)… so incredibly lovely. Thanks you for sharing!

  32. I used Pinhole Press to make photo books for my bosses in celebration of their organization’s 40th anniversary. I interspersed photos and handwritten notes of congratulations. The books came out so beautifully, and everyone loved them so much! Plus, the people at Pinhole Press were amazingly attentive and helpful. Thanks for telling us all about such a great company! Now I’m going to use them to make my guest book for my wedding!

  33. what a great idea!! thanks to introducing me to pinhole press. everything they do is brilliant! and p.s. that picture of toby in the book is just beyond cute!

  34. What a great idea! Toby is such a handsome little man :)

  35. thank you to everyone else for your comments–margaux, your books sound amazing!

  36. to the anonymous commenter who keeps leaving comments about toby, i will absolutely delete any comments that say negative things about my son!

  37. Anne says...

    Beeeeautiful! Of course it helps that the photos are so colorful and great, and your family so photogenic!

  38. Elena says...

    That is absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful way to display your memories!

  39. lovely keepsake!
    Thanks for introducing me to Pinhole Press – I was undecided about what to get my husband for our upcoming 1-yr wedding anniversary – since this year is “paper” I’ve ordered him a very special framed print.
    can’t wait until it arrives!

    e xx

  40. Ah, that looks amazing! Almost like the instagram little books! Love this!

  41. it’s flippin awesome. I have got to do one of those some day.

  42. this is such a great idea! I’ve been trying to edit the photos from my sister’s wedding party but this might be the present I’ve been looking for! thanks!

  43. gorgeous!

    thanks to you, joanna, i’m in love with pinhole press. i did 4 different panoramic mini photo books with our wedding photos for my 2 grandmothers and both sets of parents. they were stunning, and everyone LOVED them. just got back from 2 weeks in scotland, england and france… think this calls for another book!

  44. abby, that’s a great idea!! pinhole press has great guest books, too, where you can put photos in it, but it still has lined pages for people to sign. (can you tell that i’m obsessed w/the company?:)

  45. my fiance and i are going to make books like this as our guest books, instead of the old “sign here” books. thought it would be a good way to use our engagement pictures and also a book we could leave out on the coffee table. i love picture books so much!

    Libby on the Label

  46. Joanna this is such a great idea, it will make those cherished memories readily there to look at all of the time.


    Art by Karena

  47. that’s such a good idea! then the pictures are right there and together for forever. and you can read it like a bedtime story for as long as toby will listen :)

  48. Elis says...

    To me these books are a bit expensive for what they are. I’d rather develop pictures at a local photographer and glue them into a hand made album. So much cheaper and albums have tons of character unlike printed photobooks. But that’s just me:)

  49. zoe, that is such a great and lovely idea xo

  50. I love creating books with my pictures. I usually use I photo but their books are so expensive this looks like a great alternative.

  51. haha, Chitowngrrrl, i hear you :) i don’t think you can write captions on these, but maybe they’ll make some more options down the road. their books are awesome!

  52. rorie, i used the square softcover book — i really loved the softcover.

  53. jill, i love the idea of doing a book per year — my friend Abbey said she’d love to do a book with just random snapshots of the year, which would be so lovely and fun to look through!

  54. thanks, emily! it’s a wrap dress from a store called Darling in the west village :)

  55. thanks for these lovely comments!! yes, the paper is AWESOME and much better than shutterfly, etc. it’s super soft and matte and really pretty — i think it is kind of like the Toast catalog, actually!

  56. Fantastic idea, really beautiful!

  57. What a lovely photobook… perfect for the coffee table! But the “Thanks” in the note looks cut-off at the bottom…

  58. Alex says...

    Ah yes, Livvy with her ice cream and Nick and me with our scrumpy. Amazing times. I wish we were back there.–Alex

  59. That’s beautiful! I love it! I did one for my brother’s wedding a few years ago, but that paper looks much nicer than that glossy junk from other places (paper snob, i know).

  60. Love it! I was just thinking that I need to get photos printed soon (I have photos from my eurotrip in 2006 that I haven’t printed!!!) and I love the idea of creating a book like this for special trips or events, or maybe even doing one per year.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they ship to Canada, but I’m going to contact and see if they would.

  61. BEAUTIFUL!!!! what a fantastic way to store and share travel adventures?! I might have to dig back through our honeymoon photos and do this. Thanks for sharing!

  62. The book is lovely! And I love those thank you notes – gorgeous flower pic.

  63. oh, what a WONDERFUL idea! I just love the look of it, Joanna. What size/model did you use?

  64. Joanna – I am SOOO excited you said that re shipping and the UK. Hooray.
    we have so many wedding and honeymoon pictures (married last October) and am dying to do this.
    Thanks for making my day and happy weekend!

  65. I think you & Amy need to market and sell those postcards! Seriously. :)

  66. This is so incredibly lovely and inspiring. I’ve actually been contemplating a pinhole press book for my grandparents upcoming 60th anniversary and I think this post just convinced me.

  67. Beautiful! Is there an option of creating captions for the photos somehow? I’d love to create a few books but want to be able to identify the people in the photos. I’ve been looking through my Grandma’s old photos recently and we’ve had a lot of “who the heck is that?”

  68. i just love books like these. so amazing.

  69. Ooh that’s gorgeous! You will treasure that for the rest of your life! Now I want to do the same with my summer photos!

  70. Oh I love it! I make regular scrapbooks but they take a lot of time. This is a great idea.

  71. Kids Gazette says...

    Haven’t developed photos for 2 years already… This is inspiring!

  72. great to have them in from of you and in one book. nothing is hidden . just leafing through it

  73. absolutely beautiful! the thank yous and the album both turned out so wonderfully!

  74. I now want to make a Pinhole book for every life event, past + future! So beautiful. I love that you read it as a bedtime book.

  75. Totally sold. Hardcover for my wedding album, soft cover for the honeymoon. Love the simple design and easy to use layout. Thanks!

  76. Dont you just LOVE Amy M work! I swoon all day on her site and blog I swear. That lake house is amazing!
    This book idea is great too! I have gobs of photos just chillin. Perhaps I’ll go through and pull together some I’d like to see in a book :) thanks for the great ideas!

  77. gorgeous!

    i was wondering if the texture is some what like the toast catalogue are you familiar with it, i have been looking to make postcards and book with that texture.

    again lovely johanna, and i have to have to say i think your post on motherhood are so inspiring, i have not been able to have children but somehow, if i did i know i would breath a big sigh of relief when reading your pieces.

  78. Truly an awesome way to cherish vacation memories! The full bleed pages look so amazing.

  79. It looks great! I’ve used snapfish with mixed results. I’m putting together a book for Miss L’s second year, and I’ll give it a try. Of course, you take much better pics than I do, so maybe that’s the key!

  80. I love it! What a great gift idea! Thanks for sharing!

  81. fyi — Pinhole Press is going to start shipping to the UK in the next few weeks! xo

  82. I make one book a year which turns out to be about 100 pages. It’s a lovely keepsakes of travel, big events and the kids growing up. I also have one saved for each kid that includes a photo at their birthday – I’ll most likely print it for them when they are 16.

  83. I made one of these for our wedding guestbook! The beginning ha pictures of when we got engaged (at Disneyworld in front of Cinerella’s castle!) along with a breif story about how he proposed. The rest of the pages were filled with our professional engagement pictures with big margins and blank pages for our guests to leave us love notes (no lines forced people to write an actual note instead of just signing their name!).

    It turned out perfect! Now it’s a lovely coffee table book that I look at all the time instead of just shoving it in a box for storage! I absolutely love it. I’m glad yours turned out so lovely! Such amazing pictures! I love small town Europe :)


    @rachelpugh27 on twitter ;)

  84. Wow! This turned out beautiful! What a beautiful way to capture some memories! Happy weekend!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  85. I love this–what a beautiful way to preserve a vacation. My family’s dog just passed and we are creating a photobook of his life!

  86. Great idea! Our families made us little photo books for Christmas with our engagement photos. It’s super cute and special, and now we look at those photos together more often! I also love the idea of custom Thank you cards.

  87. you just totally inspired me. as a photographer you can imagine that I have about 1,345,978 photos…and that’s just July 2011! I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and now I’m going to start for sure. I started to print my images and putting them in albums but I love the idea of a book like this too. yours looks incredible.

  88. Anonymous says...

    I love the way the photos are arranged: Grandpa and grandson (both so sweet) side by side, two babies in pictures side by side, two pics of snacking on the little boat. Boy, you have a good looking family!

  89. what a lovely idea! I lost all my personal photos few months ago because I had to format my desk and it was so awful

  90. So great! I’m making a book to give to my sister for christmas. I love the idea of getting back to family albums. I know I still flip through ours from when we we’re kids and that’s when we still printed photos and stuck them inside!

    p.s. so nice to finally meet you!

  91. Allison says...

    this is so beautiful! i wish my family was as photogenic/willing to be photographed ;) – all of you are absolutly gorgeous!

  92. This looks amazing! In fact, it’s inspiring me to work on Pinhole books for family for Christmas. Going to start now, so excited!

  93. I’m absolutely inspired by this! your vacation prints are beautiful, and it looks great in a little book like that, not pretencious at all, I love this idea to make with my million pics, wedding, vacations, holydays…etc. Thanks for sharing!

    The only thing I don’t have around here in my city is a wonderful place like pinhole press, So I would have to do it all myself and just print it away… also amy merrik, GORGEOUS FLOWERS, and pics and her site beautiful, I wish I could go live in NYC!

    Hope you have a nice weekend! <3


  94. Love this idea! We made little books of our trips to Pakistan and Greece and it’s so fun to look back. Great idea to use as bedtime stories!

    Not so fun tho – my FIL’s 100-page photo books (full of text) from his trips that we must review & read page-by-excruciating-page! :)

  95. WOW! What a great idea!!…Although, if I started this I know I’d have to start shopping for new book shelves too! :-)

  96. woe, Pinhole press do not cater for overseas orders yet. and I am dying to do a book like this for our wedding pics. nowhere in the UK seems to do things as nice as them!

    Your book looks lovely

  97. Hi there! Following all the way from Spain. I’ve lived in Spain (from the UK originally) for 10 years, so you can’t imagine how many photos I have. What a fantastic idea. I’m off to check the link out. Have a lovely weekend :-)

  98. This is gorgeous, it looks so professional. This would make a great gift.

  99. Oh, so cute! My mom made a book like this from her wedding pictures (she recently got remarried) and carries it around with her everywhere. So fun! xoxo

  100. diana, you’re so right! your friends can see your vacation photos and chat about them without being subjected to a long and boring slideshow! :)

  101. You’re so right to actually use the photos you take! I’ve been meaning to do the same thing!
    Question, though, what dress are you wearing in the photos of holding the book? Looks like a gorgeous colour and fun and wrap-py!

  102. It looks beautiful! Clicking through photos on the computer doesn’t have the same effect :) Kiwi and I went to Paris last week for a wedding. I am totally going to make a book with our photos!

    I also love that you had thank you notes made. There is something so special about receiving a hand written note in the mail. Lovely.

  103. I absolutely love the idea. It’s such a shame to have such great photos and never really enjoy them. I like the idea of the thank-you notes too. Really cute. =)

  104. Thank you for this! I just got home on Wednesday from England and Scotland and have NO CLUE what do to with the oodles of photos on my memory cards (it’s a month’s worth of photos). This is perfect for me. Now the hard part is deciding the photos to put in…

  105. Anonymous says...

    This is totally stunning! I NEVER look at photos on my computer. They just get lost in the great abyss… I want to make books of all my special vacations and events from now on. Of course, now I will have to plan one!

  106. yes, it’s softcover which i REALLY like. i prefer it to the hardcover actually. it’s so easy to read and looks like a real book that you’d get in a bookstore :)

  107. That is such a great idea! My fiancé and I are going to Canada for the first time in September and I haven’t experienced Fall since I moved to Florida so I just know I will have tons of beautiful pics and next year is our honeymoon in Eurpoe. I can’t wait to take my pics so I can make these wonderful photo books. Thanks for the tip!

  108. wow, such a beautiful book! i’m going to make one now! thanks for sharing :)


  109. Great idea. I feel that now that every picture is digital, we never get the chance to actually hold the image in our hands. This is a great way to do so!

    x Elizabeth / In Between Seams

  110. Anonymous says...

    Is it soft cover? So pretty.

  111. Aww what a sweet idea! I often think about getting our photo box down and look though the photos again but it seems like such a big job most of the time. But by having little books I would look at them whenever I fancy. Ohh and it would be a perfect conversation starter during dinner parties. Love this Joanna! Your book and the thank you card looks fantastic. Kisses

  112. So beautiful! :)

  113. That would make a fabulous graduation present. Lovely!

  114. i know, cat! i totally agree–we never look our our wedding photos, even though i love them and it makes me so happy to look through them. but i just never go onto my computer’s iPhone to see them.

    now i want to make books for everything!!! we read this vacation book like a bedtime story :)

  115. Oh, Joanna … it turned out so beautiful! I can’t help but think that getting a book like this made would bring on a bit of “celebrity” feeling for you … seeing your, toby’s, alex’s, and the rest of the fams mugs grinning back … it is like your family has been published!! ;) {my, pinhole press does such a great job … the book looks so professional!}

    I LOVE this idea … sadly, I am guilty of having a million pictures just laying around in my computer … sure, once in a GREAT while I stumble on them and enjoy a trip down memory lane but creating a lovely book would be such a better place to cherish adventures in :)

    Your thank-you notes look adorable as well :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    ♥ Cat brideblu