Have a wonderful weekend.

My lovelies, what are your plans for the weekend? This evening, Alex, Toby and I will be flying across the Atlantic Ocean to this little village in Cornwall, to visit my grandmother, aunts, uncles, dad, brother, sister and cousins. We’re sooooo excited to swim in the freezing cold water and eat Cornish pasties all day. :) Next week, I’m happy to have some amazing guest bloggers writing openly about family, marriage, work and life. (Alex and I have loved their posts so much, we’ve talked about them for hours, no joke!) Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, and here are a great few posts from around the web…

Rad new stamps.

Monkey self-portraits!

This chic magazine editor looks like a grown-up tomboy.

Birthday balloons, too cute.

Vintage maps as wallpaper.

Breaking the rules in plus-size fashion.

What a sweet anniversary post.

Crikey, look at Elizabeth’s gorgeous jeans. Now I’m dying for a pair (which I tracked down here.)

FASCINATING post about being the breadwinner of your family.

Great supplies for crafts.

Holding a starfish.

The Design*Sponge book trailer is SOOOOO cute!!! pre-order the book here. Congratulations, Grace!

Plus, five Cup of Jo posts you may have missed:
* Seinfeld reruns.
* France vs. America.
* Banana bites.
* Waterfall madness.
* Lipstick trick.

(Photos by Andrew and Carissa)

  1. I think that’s perfect to cross the Atlantic to visit our love ones, because the best satisfaction is to see them.

  2. I saw really much useful information above!

  3. Cornwall! I live in Cornwall, and then yesturday I was on a little beach between Fowey and Gribbin Tower and I saw a chap walk past – he looked rather very similar to your chap Alex. I wonder if he was? Sunglasses, bottle of water, and white socks with shorts.
    Who knows, could have been anyone… but when you know someone is about, you start to suspect.
    The weather is pretty much behaving itself…!

  4. I live in England and was just on holiday to Padstow and Rock! I don’t suppose you were near there?? Hope you have a lovely time :)

  5. I don’t comment often, but I have been reading your blog for over 3 years and I love it so much! I hope you have a gret time in England. My boyfriend’s entire extended family is in Bristol and Cheltenham area. His cousing is getting married Labor Day weekend on her parents farm and I seriously cannot wait! It will be my first time to the UK!

  6. Ah Joanna I wish I had read this before… I hope you have a great time in England. Will you be visiting your aunt whilst your here?x

  7. cornwall is amazingly beautiful – a lot of people say the cornish are really ‘hard done by’ but it always seems very prosperous when i go – quite a lot, given that i’m just ‘over the border’ in devon. :)

    visit devon too, whenever you have a chance. we’re just as cool as the kernow types. ;)

  8. I used to live in Cornwall! SUCH a beautiful place. Have a magical time away.

  9. my plans ? I moove to england not fa away from cornwalls !!! It s a new life for us !!!
    J’adore les cornouailles .

    Pas mal comme plans non pour un week end ?

    des bises

  10. Glenda says...

    Have a wonderful vacation. Enjoy every minute of it.

  11. Must be nice to go on vacation so much!!!

  12. BH says...

    My husband’s great, great grandfather was from Cornwall! We just moved to London a few months ago and haven’t had time to venture out that way yet, but we can’t wait. I’d love to see some pictures and hear what you like to visit there!

  13. I am beyond jealous of you and your family in Kernow, one of my favourite places in the world.
    I just got back from Europe, only got a week in England, it was not enough.

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  15. excited for the marriage posts.

    hope your weekend is awesome.

    ps. random question: have you been to Charleston sc? you and Alex and toby should go!

  16. No way! My mother&father in law’s house is behind your grandmother in the photo!! Are you staying in Polruan/Fowey?! We will be there in a few wks ourselves! Have a fantastic time- fingers crossed our tempremental weather is good for you! x x Philippa

  17. Cornish pasties – yes please!!! I spent two of my high school years in Plymouth, and just could not get enough of them. Yum!
    Have a nice trip!!

  18. Just opened up my new issue of InStyle to find your lovely wedding gift advice. Congrats!

  19. Safe travels! Enjoy! Love Cornwall!
    Kind regards
    Jamie Herzlinger

  20. Enjoy Cornwall, I’m from Falmouth in Cornwall originally & lived there until I was 23. HAve a lovely tine, I love your blog by the way! xx

  21. Cornwall? How lovely! I remember camping there as a kid (I’m a Yorkshire lass now living in NYC). So excited for you – have a fantastic time with your family!

  22. Have a wonderful time :)

    Another load of lovely links, I loved the monkey portraits! And the birthday balloons was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen!

  23. Have a great trip! Thanks for the link to the felt & wire shop.

    Happy weekend to you too!

    Katherine at thistle handmade

  24. Hope you have a wonderful time and eat a Cornish pastie for me!

  25. A weekend let me jealous …… you know how i wishful i have kind .happy weekend to Joanna .

  26. Oooooh I love Cornwall – you’re lucky to have family there! I hope you have a fabulous time! I should really make the drive down there this summer, there is nothing like a proper cornish pasty followed by some proper cornish ice cream :)

  27. Have a great trip Jo. And I checked out those banana bites and have cravings. too bad it s 9:30 pm and Im not aloud sweets ;-)

  28. welcome to my neck of the woods….i dont know where you are going in cornwall but The Lizard has the best pasty shop in cornwall.

  29. i always love all the links :)

    help me choose an outfit for tmr@

  30. Travel safely! Cornwall sounds so great right now. Enjoy your trip:)

  31. So many amazing links this weekend! The monkey photographer is amazing, as is Janie Cai’s style. And the other articles also seem super interesting, I’m bookmarking them to read over the weekend. So thanks yet again!

  32. Our water is certainly bracing! Sorts the men from the boys. Have fun in the UK, it is gorgeous in Cornwall. But if you head over east to see the big lights of Brighton – I can give you a tour!

  33. Have fun!!


  34. wow! you all are very lucky to go on so many vacations!!

  35. Oh my gosh!! I love Cornwall! That’s where I bought my thumb ring. Cornwall is second only to Somerset :) Have a great trip!

  36. Anonymous says...

    i LOVE that map wallpaper!

  37. Anonymous says...

    Have great trip to the little English village. Looking forward to seeing all your family pictures!

  38. that sounds amazing!!! are you from england?

  39. I like this blog :D

  40. I bet your grandma is the same age as my Grandpa’s cousin that lives in Cornwall! If you read this while you are there ask if she knows Ann Brock. That would be crazy!

  41. You have an entire ocean between yourself and the majority of your family? I will no longer complain that my sister moved from across the street to 10 minutes away!

  42. Love this! It’s so cute and was so fun to check out all the new places around the web :)

  43. oooh! And cream teas and Cornish ice cream too!
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your family!
    Is it odd to say that I’ll miss you while you’re away? Somehow, I think I will.
    Excited about the guest posts.

  44. Have so much fun! Excited for the guest posts :)

  45. I think every time you mention Cornwall, I leave post going “Oh my god I live in Cornwall!!” But I literally just had a big stare at my laptop in excitement moment- because you’re coming to Cornwall!!! How exciting!

    I hope you guys have a wonderful trip, and if you get a chance to come to the south coast- please do pop into the lovely Gylly Beach Cafe in Falmouth, where I work! :)



  46. The monkey self-portrait story was by far my favorite story this week. I saw it on the NBC nightly news two nights ago and fell in love! :-)

  47. Ooooh, I’m so jealous! Have fun in Cornwall! Are you going sailing?

  48. Your weekend posts are always full of such fun, eclectic ideas. Enjoy Cornwall! Eat piles of clotted cream! (We just moved from Scotland to NYC, and I already miss the butter and cream:)!

  49. I Love Cornwall so much! Its one of the most beautiful places on earth. We used to go on holiday there every summer when I was a kid. Porthcurno is the most beautiful beach! The only thing that might be bad is the weather! But if its sunny, its incredible. Enjoy!

  50. How fun! Have a safe trip and I also adore Cornish pasties..Yum! Each time we visit my mom in England she makes them with beef, potatoes and onion..They are best hot, aren’t they? Have a fantastic time with your family and I’m off to check out your links:) Kisses

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  52. ENGLAAAND!!! :D brilliant :) hope you have a most amazing time! Hope our weather is nice to you ;) xx

  53. Are andrew and carissa the guest bloggers? i sure hope so. they are so great! also felt & wire is wonderful for goods of all kinds!

  54. Sounds wonderful! Will this be the first time your British relatives have met Toby? For the ones that haven’t met him yet, I bet they’re excited! I know my Spanish relatives were way, way excited to meet my little cousins when they were born.

    Have a good (and safe!) flight both there and back, and have a great time!

  55. Have a wondeful vacation, sounds wonderful!

  56. G. says...

    Don’t forget to take lots of sweaters with you too, not only the swimsuits! LOL
    We’re going a day to the beach :-).
    Have a safe trip.

  57. Have fun! I’d love to try a Cornish Pasty. Are they similar to empanadas. Those are my specialty!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  58. Have a great flight and welcome on this site off the ocean soon ;)

  59. YOU have a wonderful trip–sounds amazing! (looking forward to checking out these links and next week’s posts.)

  60. Great links to check out this weekend! Thanks :)