1. Hannah says...

    Quite a late comment, I admit, but I’ve just come here via the birth story post! I love your blog, and am from Cornwall originally – was just nosily wondering which village it was? :)

  2. Anonymous says...

    Your grandmother looks like such a nice person x We love your blog here in New Zealand! Have a fun weekend :)

  3. Aww, have fun with your grandmother.

  4. Have a great time. Seems to be Grandmother visiting season

  5. yay! have a great trip. how cute is your grandmother?!

  6. haha, i know, paige, i’m like your rep :) or stalker. whichever.

  7. yay! another shout out! i love you!! :)

    my relatives (before coming to America) lived in Cornwall! your grandmother is precious! have fun on your travels!!

  8. kate says...

    your grandmother looks so sweet!