My lovelies, what are your plans for the weekend? This evening, Alex, Toby and I will be flying across the Atlantic Ocean to this little village in Cornwall, to visit my grandmother, aunts, uncles, dad, brother, sister and cousins. We’re sooooo excited to swim in the freezing cold water and eat Cornish pasties all day. :) Next week, I’m happy to have some amazing guest bloggers writing openly about family, marriage, work and life. (Alex and I have loved their posts so much, we’ve talked about them for hours, no joke!) Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, and here are a great few posts from around the web…

Rad new stamps.

Monkey self-portraits!

This chic magazine editor looks like a grown-up tomboy.

Birthday balloons, too cute.

Vintage maps as wallpaper.

Breaking the rules in plus-size fashion.

What a sweet anniversary post.

Crikey, look at Elizabeth’s gorgeous jeans. Now I’m dying for a pair (which I tracked down here.)

FASCINATING post about being the breadwinner of your family.

Great supplies for crafts.

Holding a starfish.

The Design*Sponge book trailer is SOOOOO cute!!! pre-order the book here. Congratulations, Grace!

Plus, five Cup of Jo posts you may have missed:
* Seinfeld reruns.
* France vs. America.
* Banana bites.
* Waterfall madness.
* Lipstick trick.

(Photos by Andrew and Carissa)