1. Never. With my luck a rogue gush of water would come my way and I would go right over the side. Nope nope nope!

  2. these pictures make my heart beat faster, just looking at them. I’m not sure if I could do it, but I feel like I couldn’t skip the adventure.

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  4. I am actually from South Africa orginally and used to work for a travel company. 4 years ago we were offered the chance to go up to Zambia for an “educational” trip for the hotels etc to promote themselves and this was one of the activity options were offered…. I was terrified at the idea, and had not even taken a swim suite, but decided once we were over on the island that you only live once right…SO clothes and all, I jumped and the rush of adrenaline that pulsed through me as the current pushed me up against the edge of the falls was AMAZING. It was definately one the most exciting things I have done in my life so far, and I would absolutely recommend to EVERYONE that gets the chance…. JUST DO IT

  5. Carly says...

    I’ve been there!!! I went in July, so we couldn’t swim in the pools, but the falls were absolutely AMAZING!! There was so much water, I got soaking wet! Truly one of the best days of my life!

  6. NEVER! I am deathly afraid of heights. I would probably be white as a ghost and crying like a baby…

    it wouldn’t be pretty.

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  8. Absolutely! I’d tie some kind of line around my waste as a safety precaution, that’s just common sense.

    I want to do this now! Where do I sign up?!

  9. Oh my! That is cray-zee! I think I *might* try it though, but NEVER with my kids. I’d be a nervous wreck if they were out there.

  10. Whoaaaaa…… friggin interesting and insane at the same time!
    It’s beautiful though…. I’d love to swim there just because I’d take pictures…. A LOAD of them! And bragging it to all people I know! LOL.

    Awesome! :-D

  11. Ariel says...

    Just looking at it leaves me panicky, but I think I’d do it anyway – once in a lifetime, right?

  12. trina says...

    i would do it for sure! its one of the best time to get close to nature, feel the force of the water, the serenity of the scenery and the sound of the clashing water

  13. well if the people who let people swim there say that it’s safe, i would for sure! it is amazing!!!

  14. Wow!! Kids too– that’s crazy!!! But, I would do it!!

  15. I would do that in a heartbeat! I need to Google it and go!

  16. Oh my woooow! As soon as I saw these I already started making notes about this as a possible destination or to put on my to-do-list. Not that I ever will go there, but I’d love to!

  17. ooh my gosh, I don’t think so, at least not that close to the edge! Last night we went to go see Man on Wire and it gave my heart the same jump looking at these pictures!

  18. That’s my dream destination, South Africa and then up to the border for Victoria Falls…if I’m going ’round the world that much, you bet I’m going in the falls!!!

    Beautiful though!

  20. Oh my goodness…that would be divine! Great photos.

  21. Hell yeah, for the sake of living! I could never stand up on the edge though!

  22. I am so scared of heights and I am dying watching the little ones so close to the edge eeekk. Beautiful though.

  23. even though I’m scared of heights that looks seriously amazing. I might just do it!

    Unless it was my last day on earth!

  25. i would LOVEEEE to have the courage to do that but i would be so so so so terrified.

  26. Holy…BLLEEEPP!!

  27. I feel afraid only by looking at the pictures! So no, I wouldnt do it!

  28. gosh so amazing and so scary! i would love to do it! i think i would most likley chicken out though… cant even go near the edge of a balcony in a tall building! but it looks great!

  29. I’ve been to this waterfall. It’s majestic. I’ve bungee jumped and parachuted before but this scares me!

  30. belinda says...

    yes, yes, yes! i would totally do that. what a trip!

  31. mama says...

    Just looking at these pictures is exhilarating!! Tons of love, Mama

  32. NEVER! My stomach flipped just looking at the pictures!

  33. Wow. I’m not a big risk-taker but sitting on the edge of a beautiful, tremendous waterfall? It’d be too wonderful to pass up.

  34. omg …I’m nervous just looking at these photos…..omg.

  35. Hi Jo
    Great minds think alike as I was just about to post these images..
    Happy weekend!

  36. ohhhhhh my goosh. can you imagine if you fell over. actaully i dont want to think about that. ive had my experience of falling to my death when i went cliff jumping. never again.

    but super cools photos. it must be freezing!!

  37. oH, thank you so much for this post.
    how exhilarating! I’m definitely adding this to my list of things to do sometime in my life!

  38. Glad I’m not the only one getting chills….that’s just crazy and amazing too…but still crazy.

  39. lbs says...

    OMG! I cannot believe you’re allowed to do that! Forget skydiving, Victoria Falls here I come! What a rush it would be.

  40. Tammy says...

    Ohhh I want to leave this very minute to experience this heart racing, giggly, “can you believe we are here?” moment. Please let me know when we leave!!!!

  41. oh my god. i’m going to be sick. is that a child in the last photo? something not quite right about that!

  42. that’s giving me the chills just looking at the falls! i would probably get an anxiety attack trying to crawl there! I have a slight fear of really high heights!

  43. I WOULD!!! it’s so exciting!

    i’d do this over riding a loopy twister rollercoaster (i have a very sensitive stomach)!

  44. I have a friend that has done this and I’m completely jealous. I would love to do it.
    Although I always said I would do a bungee jump at the K bridge in Queenstown, NZ but when I got there and watched others doing it I totally bottled it! (in my defence a couple of days previously I had done my second skydive)

  45. ooooooh yes please! what an experience! and if I slipped over it’d be a much more exciting way to go than being hit by a bus ;)

  46. Definitely I would :) It’s a marvelous idea.

  47. that looks amazing – i would totally do it!

  48. In a million years, no. This scares me, just looking at it!

  49. scary yes, but how often does one get to say they’ve done that! I’d take a huge gulp and try it

  50. HI Jo, this is mad but I am so pleased there are people out there in the world that have the courage to do it. It must be an amazing feeling. Carla x

  51. omg that is so scary! i wouldnt do it, never! it freaks me out even to look at the photos :D

  52. Not a hope in hell. Especially the person standing. That’s insane.

  53. AMAZING!!! I WILL DO IT!!! For sure!!! Thank you for sharing :-)

  54. i LOVE it!!!

    i would do it for sure!

  55. Wow, that is fantastic. I can’t imagine what a thrill that must be!

  56. holy crap! I might would get into the pool but never near the edge. makes my legs tremble just looking at the pictures.

  57. I don’t consider myself a very big risk taker, but I would totally do this!!! What fun?!?! Even if just for the photo op & story telling rights…

  58. Oooh…I feel queasy just thinking about it. I’d probably do it, to tell the truth, but I would tremble like a kitten the whole time.

  59. Not in a million years for a million dollars would I do that!

  60. I wouldn’t not do it if other people were. On my own, probably not.

  61. Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun! I’m totally the outdoorsy type (I blame Texas and camping), so count me in :-)

  62. That looks so fun/ crazy scary! Wow!!

  63. ughhhhh just looking at those picturse make me feel ill!

  64. oh my goodness!! looking at the photos already creep me out.. let alone going there and seeing it myself!!

    i don’t think i’d be able to do it. unless it was some compulsory thing that i had to do..?


  65. that is just insane! i could never… but what amazing photos!

  66. this seems dangerous? maybe i’m just a wuss. very cool photos though! i guess i would do it just to say i did haha