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  9. Joanna, hello! I’m actually a big fan of your blogs and I have adopted some of your designs here. Just last week, my family moved to Boston. Insulation for my living room walls are my priority coz’ winter here is pretty cold and my lovable wife just gave birth. Hopefully, I can find quality insulation, MA area soon.

    Jo, I think that the frames would look nice in my son’s room. Thanks for the great advice.

  10. I love the room! The framed airplanes are so beautiful. It really tells that a boy owns this room.

  11. Thats a great idea. You’re so creative, your son’s nursery is going to be perfect!

  12. Love, love, love the plane pictures. I have an empty wall that I’ve been looking for some inspiration for, and I think this might be it, just with a different subject.

  13. Where can I get the airplane prints? I looked at dwell couldn’t find it they are just beyond fun!


  14. Hot damn! I love those little airplane prints all lined up like that!! Perfection!! (and that blue on the wall is just perfect… a lovely little room for a lovely little gentleman.) :)

  15. those frames are a great idea – think I will pinching this idea!!!

  16. Anonymous says...

    Love this! Now I really want a boy!

  17. that’s a nice big room for a “nursery”. Lucky kid!

  18. E says...

    ARE YOU HAVING A BOY? Ooo!!! Did you find out already?

  19. Thats a great idea. You’re so creative, your son’s nursery is going to be perfect!

  20. love the airplanes! I was just thinking about baby rooms the other day when I saw a friends’ artwork. Can’t wait to see your baby’s room!

  21. I LOVE this nursery! I did the same thing with our little boy’s nursery last year, and used pictures from one of my favorite childhood books Sylvester and The Magic Pebble. Like someone else said above, I love the nurseries that do not scream a theme! Congratulations on your upcoming little bundle of boy…they are SO much fun!

  22. Ah! This is great. I didn’t even think…I’ve done a boy’s nursery. Actually, I’ve done two. I’ll e-mail you pics: one was for twin boys who live in a very mid-century home in Jackson, Ms., and the other was for a little boy in New Orleans. Both very different…one I did in old, french train posters (the one in Nola) I bought on Ebay, and the more contemporary one I used color and folk art. I’ll send pics when I get back to office. I LOVE nurseries!

  23. I love the understated decor but, my favorite part are the storage baskets. Genius.

  24. so cute! love the planes …

  25. what a great idea! especially because framing can get so expensive.

    can’t wait to see what the little guy’s nursery will look like!

  26. you’ll have so much fun decorating a boy’s room. you have to get this for bubba – every boy needs one: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38304618
    i also framed the sandra juto raincloud print that you featured quite a while ago. have fun, can’t wait to see the results!

  27. ooh, yes, emily, i saw those! so lovely.

  28. So cute! I would never be that creative!

  29. Those frames ARE a great idea. Before Alice was born, I bought this beautiful set of number cards by Eeboo but could never figure out how I wanted to display them. She’s 18 months old now, and I guess it’s better late than never! Definitely picking up those frames on my next Ikea trip. Thanks!

  30. oh that´s such a nice nursery for a sweet boy! I have always wanted to frame a bunch of pictures on a wall of my room or any room in the house.

    Visit my blog so you can see my little brother he is the cutest boy ever


  31. I do love this room. I can’t wait to see how you decorate your little nursery! I’m sure it will be the most beautiful thing ever. xo

  32. Do you know when you NEED something?? Well, I NEED an apartment like this… ;-)

  33. so cute! I also hung up all the beautiful cards I received from my baby shower. I love frames, but I became neurotic with baby and was afraid they would fall on the baby’s head. (earthquakes in CA) Crazy mama.

    Can’t wait to see your nursery!

  34. love the vintage plane pics! I’m filing that away in my brain for “someday!”

  35. I love the framed airplane montage! Such a good idea! And so clean looking! :)

  36. This is SO nice and definitely something the boy could grow into with out growing out of too soon!

  37. Love this nursery…it’s so organized!

  38. Jo-I think using anything in groups makes more of an impact. I am already squirrelng away ideas for the day I have grandchildren! Can’t wait to see what you do!

  39. V says...

    I remember decorating my babies nurseries:) How fun and exciting! These pics look so pretty! Congrats once again MAMA:)

  40. I just finished going through a stack of Martha Stewart mags that I hadn’t read yet, so I just read about this apartment last night. LOVE. Total love. I think this whole apartment is just a perfect mix of vintage, traditional, modern, whimsy, and glam. So gorgeous!

  41. that is such a cute idea! I love it because it’s not too baby-ish. It’s still fun and young at heart, but sophisticated at the same time. Adorable!

  42. I LOVED this photoshoot when I first came across it. They seemed like the perfect family!

  43. Dwell! No wonder those dots, the rug and transportation prints looked so familiar! A baby store I make quilts for stocks Dwell and I loooooove their stuff.

  44. The nursery is gorgeous. I want a little one just so I can have this room. LOVELY!

  45. I love the idea of framing images that way. Those planes are totally sweet.


  46. Love those airplanes. I am excited to see what you come up with for yours!

  47. What a great idea. My sisters and I do a similar thing with our nearly non-existent decor budget. We go to thrift stores and buy old children’s books that just aren’t getting enough love and repurpose them into artwork :)

    It makes it extra special, because sometimes you’ll find a book that you know was loved… with crayon scribbles from the previous owners or stickers stuck randomly to pages.

  48. samantha, cutting up an old calendar for this type of thing is an AWESOME idea.

  49. ooh, Amelia Earhart is an awesome idea for a girl’s room. and kate, so funny that jennifer is your old boss!

  50. sorry for the delay – congratulations on the the baby boy news!

  51. Lovely! I’m saving this for “someday”.
    I so appreciate nurseries that aren’t too baby themed, this will transform into a big kid room and beyond with very few changes. And really, could be a little girl’s room as well, a couple of Amelia Earhart prints and it would take on a very reach for the skies little girl vibe.

  52. lovely–so sweet without screaming boys room!

  53. Whoa, it’s so strange to come to your blog and see my old boss! Her apartment is ah-maaaazing.

  54. How cute!

  55. I love that! It is simple and graphic enough that it could really grow with your little man, I really cannot wait to see what you will do with your new little friends room!

  56. So cute! And I love the orange chair in the corner. Imagine what her whole house must look like?

  57. Too cute! I love the planes! You’re going to have so much fun sprucing your place up for your little boy. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!
    XX Kate

  58. those framed drawings are lovely, but the curtains!! i love the curtains against that wall color!

  59. Calendars are a perfect source for something like this. I love that photo shoot, it’s one of my favorites.

  60. what a fabulous room…and i adore that pale blue that doesn’t scream ‘boy’s room.’

  61. I love the airplane drawings!

  62. I saw this on Little Green Notebook and loved it. My daugher and son will have to share a nursery when he arrives until the renovations on our house are done – Anybody have ideas for a mixed-gender nursery?

  63. Very awesome room – I’ve found that calendars have the best framable pictures to use for ideas like this. They’re cheap and easy and you don’t waste nearly as much paper as cutting out images from a book (plus you can still use the calendar part)!

  64. loved this too – the framed airplane prints are so awesome.

  65. What a cool room! I love the framed photos!

  66. maggie says...


  67. I love a pretty (and organized!) collection of pictures like this!