We were lucky enough to nab the super talented Anna Bond of Rifle Design for our programs. She was wonderful to work with, and we adored her hand-painted illustration of a ship on the waves. She even drew my dress exactly like it was, as well as Alex’s beard and glasses! At the bottom, we included a romantic quote from one of our favorite novels, The History of Love. A program was put on each guest’s chair (and, later, on our fridge).

Click the photo to enlarge, if you’d like. xo

Update: Anne, a reader, asked if Alex had seen this program before the wedding (and therefore my dress style), and yes! He did! Oops! We laughed about it when it happened, because I had been so careful to keep my wedding dress a secret from him…and then I just handed him a drawing of it. :)

(Program by Anna Bond; photo by Max Wanger)