Hunter Harris

One afternoon last year, I was minding my own business, when I somehow stumbled upon magazine writer Hunter Harris’s weekly newsletter, Hung Up. For the next hour, I tore through the archives, including an Olivia Wilde deep dive, a hilarious Top Gun: Maverick review, and arguably the best opening paragraph to a newsletter. She’s a pop culture genius! So, I was thrilled when Hunter agreed to share 12 of her favorite things…

Hunter Harris

1. Restaurant: When the gods smile upon me and I get a table at The Four Horsemen, it feels like getting away with murder. But in a sexy, erotic-thriller sort of way. They don’t post the menu online (which drives me crazy since I am always the person to look up the menu in advance), but every single thing is good.

2. Activity: There’s something satisfying about taking a long walk while talking on the phone to someone you love.

3. Hair product: Pattern is my favorite waxy, thick edge control. It lays those baby hairs DOWN, honey; Fort Knox levels of security, and with minimal white residue. (If you use edge control, you know what I’m talking about.) I grew up with my mom using old toothbrushes on my edges, but the accompanying brush really does make a difference with this product specifically, because you do need stiff bristles to spread your swoops.

4. Notecards: I regret my behavior basically everywhere, all the time.

Hunter Harris

5. Home find: I’m so into my flatware, which I found through a reddit hole about the flatware in Molly Baz’s cookbook. They are a great mid-weight and come in different colors/finishes.

6. Candle: D.S. & Durga’s Big Sur After Rain is a perfect, polite scent. Not too loud, not too intrusive. Breakfast Leipzig is a little louder, a little bossier, with notes of tobacco and leather. All I know is that these candles found their way into my apartment, and they are my favorite smells.

7. Movie: It changes depending on the day, but right now I can confidently say Casino. It’s a movie about Vegas and the mob, two worlds that are almost hermetically sealed with their own codes and traditions, but it’s also a movie about trying to fill the bottomless pit of the self — being cast out of Eden because of your own gluttony. I love movies about male vanity and male insecurity. This one is more shallow than Goodfellas, but more glamorous, too.

8. Desk accessory: The $7 velcro cable ties on Amazon fundamentally changed my life. I have a million cords for only like six devices, and now I can keep them all neatly in my desk drawer. No more pulling out a cord only to get to the end and realize it’s a usbc instead of micro usb. (Me knowing the difference… yes I’m a woman in STEM!) Also, Play-Doh at my workstation — perfect for fidgeting during a long meeting.

9. Body wash: Nothing makes me feel as supported as waking up and taking the hottest shower imaginable. Right now, I’m using Naturium Glow Getter Multi-Oil Hydrating Body Wash. It has a mysterious consistency — an oil that somehow lathers — and it’s very moisturizing. Doesn’t have a scent, but that’s kind of fine with me?

10. Hotel: I go to L.A. a lot for work — sometimes months at a time, sometimes weeks here and there. The Cara is the best hotel in Los Angeles. I’m not staying anywhere else, when it’s a short trip. Gorgeous interiors, a restaurant worth eating at even if you’re not staying there, and everyone is genuinely nice and helpful.

11. Snack: Blue cheese and crackers.

12. Celebrity crush: The onslaught of Austin Butler in spring 2022 — we will be studying it for generations. This man tried so hard to get me to have a crush on him and I saw Elvis and it worked! Weird movie but amazing performance.

Thank you so much, Hunter. We love your newsletter to the moon!

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(Portrait of Hunter Harris by Andrew Goble. Graphic design by Erin Jang.)