What’s your spiritual age? For a long time, I thought I was secretly 27

But now I feel firmly 40. My twin sister Lucy and I actually turn 45 this week, but that number sounds lightly higher than I feel? My forties have felt kind of revolutionary — I love parenting preteens (even with the hiccups!), and I just feel so much like myself.

Curious, I asked some of my 40-something friends what ages they feel:

“16! The freedom of being able to drive, and the responsibility of driving my younger brothers around, were both super formative. On some level, I always feel like a big sister behind the wheel of a minivan, giving everyone a lecture about why I love the Indigo Girls.” — Izzy

“I alternate between feeling 30, like I’m still figuring out my life, and feeling 60, like I just want to milk what’s left. My actual age is right between those.” — Rob

“I definitely think that 1999 was five years ago, but I’m also an old soul — I like string quartets and cozy murder mysteries.” — Anna

“I feel 52! For real, eye on the post-menopausal prize, when I’ll never have another period.” — Elizabeth

“I love my current age — 43 — since my kids still need me but can handle themselves a bit. I have independence but am very much a mom. It’s a good pocket.” — Liz

“21, I want to French everyone I see.” — Ziva

Thoughts?? What is your spiritual age? Spill the beans below!

P.S. My thoughts on aging, and what’s your child’s spiritual age?

(Photo by Branislava Zivic Zrnic/Stocksy.)