ayo edebiri dresses

ayo edebiri dresses

Daaaaaang, Ayo Edebiri has been killing it this 2024 award season — not only by winning three Best Supporting Actress awards, but also for her gorgeous red carpet looks. Her fantastic stylist is Danielle Goldberg, “but the triumph…is entirely due to Ayo, a cool princess of our time,” writes Bess Kalb.

pasta bolognese easy recipe

When my cousin Jeremy and his family visited in December, he made a few meals for the group — including steak with roast potatoes and chicken piccata with a green salad. Then, on the final night, when everyone was tired and the kids were running in circles, he whipped up a delicious spaghetti bolognese, which he later told me was a hack. His easy recipe? Sauté ground turkey with one chopped carrot, then add Rao’s marinara sauce and a half cup of milk, and pour everything over any pasta. That’s it! The meal tasted 100% homemade but took only 15 minutes. “Bingo bango,” said my cousin.

How genius is this ad starring the Broad City girls — for Miralax of all things? I’m delighted by the Instagram comments, including “I love that there’s clearly a Broad City fan in the Miralax marketing department and she made this fever dream of an ad happen” and “This is how I would like all of capitalism fed to me from now on.”

Reebok green sneakers

Lastly, I’m going to Paris next week with a few friends (can’t wait!), and since my trusty Nikes are pretty beat up, I’m eyeing these cool Reeboks. Love the old-school nubby texture and green stripe. Also packing this sweater and this jacket.

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(Pasta photo by Valbar Studio/Stocksy.)

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