My beauties, we’re signing off early because Jannelle and Kaitlyn are traveling, Jenny is moving (more on that later!), and sadly I’m going to a friend’s funeral and squeezing her sweet sweet children so tightly. Hope you have a restful weekend — take gentle care of yourselves — and we’ll be back on Tuesday. Meanwhile, here are a few links from around the web…

We’re watching this movie as a mood booster.

Wow, how colorful and fun is this English house?

Adore this guy’s passion for When Breath Becomes Air. Makes me happy.

Brooklinen is having a big sale. We love all their bedding, but my favorite might be their down comforter. You choose the ideal weight for your individual sleep. (I get for the lightweight because it’s incredibly comfy and cloud-like.)

What is and is not a vibe, haha.

A pretty fall dress.

Great Buddhist lesson: the glass is already broken. (And another one I love.)

Doing essential things makes time for everything else. “Then one day they say fuck it all. They eat leftover pasta over the sink, drop mom off at her mahjongg game, and go sit in the park to draw. They draw for hours, until the sun goes down and they’re squinting under the street lights. And, lo and behold, the next day they plow through all those lingering to-dos. They see clearly that half of them were unnecessary… They had assumed, wrongly, that there wasn’t enough time in the day to do their art, because they assumed (because we’re conditioned to assume) that every thing we do costs time. But that math doesn’t take energy into account, doesn’t grok that doing things that energize you gives you time back. By doing their art, a whole lot of time suddenly returned. Their art didn’t need more time; their time needed their art.”” Loved this whole post, worth reading the full thing.

A simple back-to-school meal plan! Maybe I’ll try to cook this?

And three amazing Labor Day sales:
*Get 30% off fall styles at Madewell with code COOLDOWN. (I’ve worn these jeans for years.)
*Get get up to 50% off J.Crew with code SHOPNOW, including this cutie.
*Get up to 60% off at Nordstrom. Eyeing these beautiful shoes.

Plus, three great reader comments:

Says Jennie on Bad Cook, Great Mom: “When my kiddo was little ‘craft time’ meant me putting a bunch of stuff for him on a table to craft with while I painted my nails. We are all great moms, in our own ways.”

Says Lorraine on Bad Cook, Great Mom: “I beat myself up – not about my culinary skills, but about my demeanor as a mom. I am sometimes too tired to engage. I am constantly tested by my daughter’s extroverted ways challenging my introversion. My son once wrote in an essay that his mom is good at singing and resting. Resting! But, I remind myself that there’s no right or wrong — I’m loving them as hard as I can and they must love me back if they can’t stop pouncing on me whenever I attempt to take a power snooze.”
Replies Jennie: “Lorraine, you are doing awesome. Your son recognizes you at being good at resting! Do you realize how fantastic this is? Assuming you live in the U.S., he is going to meet PLENTY of people who praise the hustle, the burning of candles at both ends, etc. (I’m not saying that you don’t work hard — I know you do, you are a mom.) But the fact that he thinks of you as someone who takes time to recharge is spectacular, trust me.”

(Photo by Vradiy Art/Stocksy.)

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