An Anxiety Trick

An Anxiety Trick

If I were a superhero, I’d be anxiety girl — “able to jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound!” — especially nowadays when the news can make even the calmest person’s heart pound. But I just learned a trick that instantly chills me out…

A reader named Beth recently left this comment:

“Brené Brown talks about ‘dress rehearsing tragedy’ and how it robs us of our joy. Once I became aware of it, I realized it stole joy away from my time with my kids. I would think: ‘I love her so much, I would be lost if something ever happened to her,’ or I would say, ‘Careful on that branch or you will break your arm…’ I have learned to turn my ‘what ifs’ around. What if she grows up healthy and confident and we stay friends our whole lives? Or what if she doesn’t fall and feels an amazing sense of accomplishment from climbing that tree?”

I’ve tried this approach since reading Beth’s comment, and it has worked like a charm. Because, after all, what if…everything turns out wonderfully?

Thoughts? What do you do to ease your worries?

P.S. Trying out slow parenting, and naming your anxiety.

(Photo by Celine Kim.)