brooklyn flowers

brooklyn flowers

This weekend, I learned about glimmers:

A little guide to glimmers:
* glimmers are the opposite of triggers.
* they are tiny moments of awe.
* they spark joy & evoke inner calm.
* they have a positive effect on our mental health.
* they are micro-moments causing tiny mood shifts.
* they send cues of safety to our nervous system.
* they bring feelings of ease & contentment.
* our body responds with positive energy.
* they allow us to feel hope when lost.
* our nervous system is strengthened by them.
* they can help increase our well-being.
* once we start embracing them it can become a beautiful way to see the world around you.

How lovely is that?

So, this morning, I took a walk around the neighborhood and, let me tell you, glimmers abound. Here’s a short list:

* Feeling the cool spring breeze.
* Smiling at a five-month-old baby with the saggiest, baggiest cheeks, and recognizing the Herculean neck strength he must have to carry around said cheeks all day every day.
* The cook at the café whistling perfectly along to the radio, including semitone shifts and harmonies.
* Spying a woman’s toast tattoo. (“My mom always told me that toast makes everything better,” she told me. “And I took it to heart.”)

toast tattoo

“When I feel moments of peace, I usually take Kurt Vonnegut’s advice and say to myself, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is,'” wrote Kate, a Cup of Jo reader. “It’s great to now have a name for that feeling. Plus, from a psychology perspective, I think naming it makes the concept more concrete and thus easier to actively seek out and notice.”

Adds Lauren: “I experienced a wonderful glimmer yesterday. After a four-day work trip, away from my three kids, I arrived at the Detroit airport to a delayed flight. Aggravated by needing to pump again and feeling an acute NEED to get home, I walked into the mothers’ room in terminal E in a sour mood. The most amazing glimmer arrived in the form of a guest book with musings from moms who had visited to pump or nurse, starting back in 2021. It was such a lift! I adore the amazing individual who had that brilliant idea.”

What about you? What glimmers have you seen lately? Please share below… xoxoxoxoxo

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