What are you up to this weekend? The boys and I are going to the new Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings in Brooklyn, and we’re already hungry. Also, we watched The Sound of Music together this week and it made my mama heart burst. We only had to fast-forward through one boring part! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

I put together a Mother’s Day gift guide with my favorite NYC jewelry shop. (How lovely is this ring?)

Keep your eyes peeled for glimmers.

Wouldn’t you love to sleep in this beautiful bedroom?

Justine Bateman thinks her aging face looks “rad.” Strong agree.

I like this hat. (Related, haha.)

A divorce celebration cake.

Have you guys tried this sleep tool? Very intrigued.

Yum, green minestrone.

My taste is basic. So what?” When someone scoffed at a store that Samantha Irby liked, she replied: “‘I like it! I like it a lot!’ …that day a new person was born, an upgraded version of myself that no longer felt shamed by some smarty-pants making fun of the John Grisham novel poking out of my backpack. I can’t live in hell and make excuses for ravenously consuming a shitty reality show produced by a person I don’t know personally on a network I am unaffiliated with. You can use ‘I like it!’ (the exclamation point is necessary) any time freaks question a regular-ass thing you enjoy, and it’ll swipe their legs out from under them every single time.”

Digging spring stripes.

This 13-minute love story about a London typographer who stutters is beautiful.

Plus, four reader comments:

Says Claire on Mother’s Day gift guide: “My mother is not that interested in gifts, so one year I sat down and made a gratitude list about her. The list ended up having 40 things, like getting us a dog when we were kids, passing along her love of music, always taking me to the library, saying ‘just one thing at a time’ or ‘many hands make light work,’ and recent gratitudes, as well. It did me a lot of good, too, so I may do it again this year.”

Says Lucy on what’s your relationship status: “For so many years, ‘it’ was complicated. Now ‘it’ is so simple. So, my #1 piece of dating advice: Don’t settle until it’s simple.”

Says Madeleine on what’s your relationship status: “My pro tip for online dating is to be interested in the other person. I never get nervous because who cares if they like you, they’re a stranger. Just put all your focus on them and you’ll have a great time. My WORST date was with someone who made it clear from the beginning that they were on the furthest end of the political spectrum from me. But I had an entire drink to go, so I just quizzed him on DIY house renovation tips (his passion) and I got a lot of helpful information! Cheapest building advice I ever got and excellent use of my time lol.”

Says Katie on what’s your relationship status: “I’m 46 and single, never married. My advice is to tell alllll your friends that you will come to them if you want their advice. Nothing is as fun as listening to your friends who have not dated since Friends was on giving you their thoughts.”

(Celebration cake via The Audacity.)

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