fiat italy

fiat italy

“I’m in the Foreign Service, so our family has already lived in four countries,” commented a reader named Claire this week. “I try to remember that we’ll still be us, just in a new place. I love this SNL sketch, which perfectly sums up the phenomenon of ‘wherever you go, there you are.'” Oh, my gosh, I laughed at every line.

porto Portuguese soaps goat milk

As a woman of a certain age, I have created a shelf in my closet filled with little host gifts for whenever we need them. One of my go-tos are these Portuguese soaps. Aren’t they lovely? And they smell as good as they look.

sheet pan gnocchi

Last Friday, my friend Alison texted me the seven words you always want to hear: “Can I cook dinner for you tonight?” Um, yes?! I headed over (the boys were with Alex), and she and her husband whipped up sheet pan gnocchi with peppers and sausage. Their recipe was from Sprouted Kitchen, which you can only see if you subscribe, but here are three similar versions: veggies, caprese and mushroom. Very delicious. Have you cooked anything yummy lately?

Zara rain jacket

Finally, how cute is this rain jacket? I’m digging lighter colors for spring. I also LOVE the Danish brand Rains — their jackets are lightweight so you don’t get sweaty — and they have three pretty colors, too.

P.S. More fun things, and a podcast that made me laugh in Trader Joe’s.

(Fiat photo by J.R. PHOTOGRAPHY/Stocksy. Soap photo by Merci. Gnocchi photo by Chris Testani for the Kitchn.)

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