car Brooklyn

Last night, I was walking down the Trader Joe’s cereal aisle when I burst out laughing. No one noticed because it’s New York and much weirder stuff happens all the time, but I could not stop cackling to the point where I had to lean on the shelf. The reason? ‘A This American Life’ episode, in which a guy realizes his romantic rendezvous is going sideways. Omg, you must listen, I’m laughing even now as I type this.

A few more funny podcast episodes:
* Post-It Not with Kurt Braunohler (2 minutes)
* Off Menu with Aisling Bea (68 minutes)
* Of Mice and Men with Mike Birbiglia (10 minutes)
* What’s Wrong With Being Confident? with Katie Sturino (65 minutes)
* Split a Gut with Julian McCullough (11 minutes)

Do you have any podcasts to recommend? I’d love to hear.

P.S. Amy Poehler’s wise words, and Seinfeld’s bedtime routine with his kids.

(Photo by Grace Blumberg/Instagram.)