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What are you up to this weekend? We’re heading to California to see my twin sister and niece. I can’t wait to squeeze them both! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A tiny, colorful apartment in Sweden.

Are you in a cooking rut? “I always keep a couple briny things in my fridge for an emergency weeknight pantry pasta — capers, olives, Calabrian chilis, anchovies, etc. As long as you have a box of pasta, some canned tomatoes, garlic and/or onions, you’re good to go,” says Charlene Luo.

My kids are really into this board game.

How cool are these Bolivian women, who wear traditional Indigenous clothes while skateboarding? “I felt like an empowered woman with the willpower to go out and shine, proud of wearing a pollera.”

There I almost am,” a fascinating essay about being an identical twin.

I keep spotting these cute jackets around town.

LOVED this podcast episode about talking to kids about sex.

Broccoli soup with cheesy croutons.

How pretty are these bedrooms?

Molly Young on realizing she could become a book critic. “I felt like a humpback whale swimming through the ocean with my mouth full and I was capable enough to filter the nourishing bits of plankton from the rest. I was finally able to discern what I felt was good from what I felt was less good, and could make an argument. And that couldn’t happen until I read as many books as I had read.” (New York Times)

A man throws a pancake party in his neighborhood to make friends. “My wife says I’m getting weird.”

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Regina on where to find affordable art: “Calling all film lovers! Baxter and the Bear on Etsy! He takes representative objects from classic films and captures them in high resolution photography. The result is full of texture and life but often somehow moody. I’ve purchased several and they make excellent gifts, as well.”

Says Janna on A Parent’s Love Letter to Queer Eye: “My friend and I both had babies in the last few months and went on a (much dreaded) shopping trip for postpartum clothes to fit our foreign, strange bodies. We kept saying to each other ‘What would Tan say to us right now?’ or ‘What would Jonathan say?’ and then telling each other how beautiful we looked and how powerful and fierce these new bodies are that created and birthed new life. It made an emotionally fraught experience so much better. Love love love Queer Eye and these wonderful humans.”

Says Andrea on what song is playing on a never-ending loop in your personal hell: “Everything Encanto. All day long, it’s either playing on the speaker, or it’s playing in my head. Can you tell I have two young children?! It me.”

(Photo by Yasmine. Twin essay via Maybe Baby.)

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