dogs digging on the beach

What are you up to this weekend? The boys and I are going to see Belle & Sebastian, not the band (although I love them!) but the new movie about a boy and his dog. The trailer is full of exciting things: skateboarding, mountain-climbing, sheep-herding, even paragliding. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Fun news: Our go-to shoe brand is giving new customers 20% off with code SPRINGCOJ. (I love wearing these sandals with dresses, jeans, shorts, everything.)

This playdate is so awkward.” “Ada was unfazed by [her friend’s] disinterest and would move onto a different activity, at one point straight up reading a book on the couch while the friend stared at her for like 20 minutes…I felt an honest-to-goodness sigh of relief when it was all over. Was that the weirdest child cocktail party of all time? No, no it wasn’t. It was just kids hanging out without the emotional and social baggage of adulthood.”

Omg, I cannot stop reading this gripping book. Thanks to all the readers who recommended it.

How gorgeous are these hotel rooms? (I’m a sucker for gingham.)

Easy dinner that the boys wolfed up: rotisserie chicken + creamed peas.

What a lovely dress neckline.

The Quiet Girl, the first Oscar-nominated Irish-language film, looks beautiful. “Many’s the person missed the opportunity to say nothing, and lost much because of it.”

The trailer for Somebody, Somewhere season two. Can’t wait.

When splitting the bill, do you ask the other person how much they’re tipping? (NYTimes gift link)

Deep fake of The Office, but everyone is Pam.

Made me laugh.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Kaff on a surprising way to help kids open up about feelings: “In her new book The Emotional Lives of Teenagers, Lisa Damour talks about how teens/tweens open up more about big things if they feel like they have some control around when, where, how long, etc. Grilling a kid at dinner or asking too many questions after school can lead them to shut down. She uses this language: ‘Let them call the meeting.’ Damour mentions different ways families have created space for ‘meeting-calling,’ like regularly folding laundry in the living room while teens/tweens are hanging around. Mostly it’s about being open to giving your attention and time. It would be easy to see a child occupied and think, ‘Okay, I’ll just hammer out a few emails while they’re happily doing their thing.’ You bet I just ordered a case of Play-Doh!”

Says Emma on 13 reader comments on beauty: “‘I don’t have to be beautiful’ is something I often tell myself, and it has changed my life. I am so many things; sometimes I feel beautiful, sometimes not, and that’s all okay. It doesn’t take away or add to me as a person.”

(Photo by Eldad Carin/Stocksy. Office deep fake via Kottke.)