On a lighter note, let’s talk beauty! How do you apply your lipstick? Straight from the tube? With a brush?

Jeanne Damas, Parisian entrepreneur and model, recommends patting on lipstick with a finger — that way, you get a melted, bitten, blurred effect. It’s like the bedhead version of lipstick.

bitten lipstick

I tried it this morning and learned that a) I like the look and b) it is very hard to take selfies of lips! Also, Alex came into the room and immediately gave me a kiss. So, I guess in that way it worked :)

Meanwhile, this video of Jennifer Hudson’s morning routine is a goddamn delight. She does a cat eye! She sings!

Thoughts? Would you wear smudged lipstick? Let me know in the comments…

P.S. The makeup I wear every single day, and the one beauty product Caroline always finishes. Also, more fun do or don’ts!