Our summer intern, Stella, is amazing — and so are her eyelashes. They practically hit her forehead. After staring at them longingly for multiple days in a row, we finally asked: Are they real? “It’s my mascara!” she said, with a laugh…

Great Drugstore Mascara

Her current favorite is Maybelline’s The Colossal Volum’ Express.

“I’ve always used drugstore mascaras. I don’t have a go-to brand — I like trying new ones — but I do prefer volumizing formulas, since then I don’t have to wear eyeliner. I curl my lashes, apply two coats of mascara, and curl them again. I’ve heard makeup artists say never to curl your eyelashes after you have makeup on, so I do it really gently.”


Great Drugstore Mascara


Great Drugstore Mascara

Big difference, right?

After some sleuthing, we discovered that not only does this mascara get fantastic reviews — length and volume without any clumps — but there is a solid reason for sticking with drugstore brands. It turns out the age of a mascara matters more than the formula. The newer it is, the more easily the mascara will glide on smooth and clump-free. So, the argument goes, you’d be better off buying cheaper mascara more often (every few weeks) than splurging on pricier formulas and holding onto them for longer.

Here are some other formulas heralded for their lash-enhancing properties: crazy volume, banishing clumps, beautiful lengths and, last but not least, the industry favorite.

Great Drugstore Mascara

Do you wear drugstore mascara? Do you have a favorite?

P.S. A trick for feeling your best.

(Photos by Nicki Sebastian for Cup of Jo)