Winter is my favorite time to go to dinner in New York City. First, you can get reservations since the city is quieter than usual. Second, the walk there feels invigorating: you stroll through the cold dark neighborhood, peeking into glowing apartment windows and smiling at passing dogs. Last, the warm restaurant welcomes you with the aroma of French fries and murmur of people chatting (and maybe, if you’re lucky, an arguing couple next to you, haha).

Recently, when I’ve had a chance to go to dinner, I’ve found myself pulling on the same two pieces: trusty jeans with a lacy white top. Easy yet romantic. Here are five pretty versions: ruffle, cotton, eyelet, button front, gauze. Thoughts?

I’m curious: What have you been wearing this winter? Chunky sweaters? Puffy jackets? Comfy sweats? Anything you’re loving?

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