What are you up to this weekend? We were excited to kick off the Cup of Jo gift guide, and we’ll be sharing more next week. Also, tomorrow we’re going to see our friends’ teenagers in their school play! I LOVE school plays (remember this funny SNL skit?). Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

We’ve been making soups and especially enjoyed this one.

J.Crew is offering 50% off! I just ordered this pretty sweater.

A hilarious piece about the sex appeal of Pete Davidson. As CoJ editor Jannelle said, “I still cannot get over how he is pulling in all of these baddies left and right.” (Vogue)

How to make charcuterie look good on a cheese board.

This headline made me laugh out loud.

Why Atlanta is the Blackest TV show ever. In one episode, “high school kids, in order to qualify for a college scholarship that a wealthy Black man is giving out, have to take a test to prove their Blackness… One of the key evaluations is, ‘What happened to that boy at Lenox mall.’ One applicant, a biracial boy who is white-passing and does not embrace Black culture, answers with facts: ‘A police officer killed him in a routine traffic stop.’ Wrong. ‘I didn’t say, What happened to that boy at Lenox mall?’ the examiner intones. ‘I said, What happened to that boy at Lenox mall.’ The divining rod was this: Could you hear that he was not asking for information but instead was commenting on the pain of yet another shooting? The correct answer was, ‘Mm-mm-mmm. Damn shame.'” (NYTimes)

Found! The best rain jacket.

LOVED this article on TV show Fleishman Is in Trouble. (Harper’s Bazaar)

I’m nervous and eager to read this book.

Driving advice, haha.

Our hero Eric Kim cooked 20 stuffings to find the best one. The process photo is amazing! (NYTimes gift link)

Plus, a reader comment:

Says Sarah Beth on a dinner conversation starter: “I am convinced I have the perfect icebreaker. Everyone tells me it’s dumb but then we always end up discussing it for like 30 minutes! It is: ‘What is the biggest boat you’ve ever been on, and if it was a cruise, why was it terrible.’ People love to hate cruises or defend them, or they get super into a childhood fishing memory, or a dinner cruise gone wrong, or a memorable vacation involving a boat. The answers are always random and hilarious; everyone ends up laughing.”

(Photo by Christopher Testani for Instant Family Meals by Sarah Copeland.)