halloween decorations Brooklyn

halloween decorations Brooklyn

Brooklyn is crushing the Halloween decorations this year. On evening walks, I delight in witch hats and spooky brownstones, and how cute are these outgoing skeletons, above?

marlow pillow

My friend Oliver’s mom travels with her own pillow. I thought it was funny/extreme at first, but since trying the the Marlow, I get it. Most of my life, I didn’t have a major pillow preference, but the Marlow is next-level comfortable — with cooling infused memory foam (it always feels like the cold side of the pillow) and you can personalize the firmness with zippers (so your neck and body feel great). I sleep so much better, and now everyone in my family loves them, too. What are your secrets for restful sleep? Heads up: Marlow is currently offering 25% off when you buy two pillows, and 40% off when you buy four; just click here.

Paul Rudd

The other day, I was came across New York Magazine’s Paul Rudd quiz — can you tell which of his photos are older or younger? I failed miserably. (It also makes me want to rewatch I Love You, Man.)

How cool is this milk bread lamp, which is made out of real bread?! “It’s at the top of my wishlist,” says Jannelle, our associate editor. “I plan on aggressively dropping it into all my conversations between now and the holidays.”

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