Gisela Gueiros

Five years ago, I met art historian Gisela Gueiros when her family moved into our old apartment. One of the first things I noticed about her — besides her Brazilian accent and easy laugh — is that she’s one of those people who’s curious about everything. She’s always recommending a movie or playing funny games or putting ice in wine. So, I asked Gisela to share eight things that mean a lot to her…

12 Things Gisela Gueiros Swears By

1. Book: Walking by Erling Kagge, the Norwegian explorer. I take long walks around Brooklyn, and he walks in the snow in the middle of nowhere, but walking is this vast thing that connects us. Walking is not just walking.

2. Linens: Gingham bedding by Heather Taylor. The cotton is so soft, and I mix the yellow, red and blue in our bedroom.

3. Ritual: When I take my twin boys to school in the morning, I love holding their hands, with one on each side. I always think about how grateful I am right at that moment.

4. Bag: The giant totes by SZ Blockprints are perfect for groceries, picnics, traveling and schlepping.

5. Artwork: Henri Rousseau’s ‘The Dream’ (1910) at MoMA. It is such a flat painting, but there is so much to discover in that jungle. And the naked woman reclining on a couch in the middle is surreal! I could live inside that painting.

6. Treats: The best cakes are by Brigadeiro Bakery in Manhattan. I highly recommend the carrot cake topped with Brazilian brigadeiro fudge balls.

7. Shoes: I love my white Reeboks and have owned many pairs. They’re super comfy and go with all outfits.

8. Hotel: Mankas in Inverness, California, where my husband, Tom, and I spent our honeymoon. I think getting married is one of those weird things where nothing changes, but everything changes. I was beyond excited to being traveling with my new husband, and as a foreigner, it definitely felt like a very serious and long-lasting commitment to the U.S. Being in California was reassuring, as it is one of my favorite places in the world — Tom had lived there for 10 years, so he was acting all ‘insidery’ and it was very sexy.

Thank you so much, Gisela! Find her amazing art tours here, if you’d like.

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(Graphic layout by Erin Jang. Top photo by Jessica Antola.)