Selena Gomez blue sweater murders in the building

Selena Gomez blue sweater murders in the building

We loved Selena Gomez’s outfits in Only Murders in the Building, and I can’t stop thinking about her bright blue sweater. How gorgeous would it feel all winter, especially on dark days? So…

babaa blue sweater

…here are four similar styles: fuzzy, cashmere, stripe, and splurge.

easy tomato soup

We’ve had a few rocky days (that’s life!), so for an extra comfy home-as-a-haven night, I’m planning to make some tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. (Jenny has three grilled cheese upgrades.)

Katie sturino

“People ask me all the time what the right way is to approach someone who has lost weight is, and I always say: DON’T!,” says Katie Sturino, the author and body acceptance advocate. “We have been culturally trained to comment on our body size when greeting each other. It’s weird. We have much cooler stuff to talk about, I promise.”

token black girl

“I’m only a few chapters into Danielle Prescod’s Token Black Girl, and I’m already hooked,” our associate editor Jannelle told me. “In her memoir, the former fashion editor writes candidly about how she learned at her mostly-white prep school that having dark skin made her different — and not in a good way. From always being cast as ‘Scary Spice’ when playing Spice Girls with friends, to having a white classmate vow before summer tanning to become as dark as Danielle, Danielle shares the kinds of micro aggressions and gaslighting that WOC routinely experience. This book is a must read for people of color who are trying to re-connect with their cultures after years of assimilation, and for white allies who want to learn how to deconstruct their unconscious biases.”

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