What are you up to this weekend? My sister and niece are coming to visit! We’re planning to get chocolate croissants and hit up some playgrounds. Hope you have a good one — stay safe — and here are 11 links from around the web…

The new movie Bros looks great. “Simply put, why has it taken so long for a movie like this to exist?” writes David Sims in The Atlantic.

LOVE the color of this sweater.

The internet’s favorite chocolate chip cookies.

Forget roommates, how about grandmates? More young adults are moving in with their grandparents. (NYTimes gift link)

Wow, a new generation of shepherds with their sheep. (The Atlantic)

My current favorite beauty product.

21 smart travel tips, including “don’t leave the fridge totally bare before you take off” and “it’s okay to do nothing.”

The secret society of cool moms. “I’ve encountered a lot of Cool Girls over the years, but there’s one who sticks in my memory like a shovel in mud.”

Now THAT’S wallpaper!

Made me laugh.

How do I have more fun as a mom? “Having fun as a parent for me is less about pursuing fun experiences (often backfires anyway since a kid will burn it all down at Disney World because they wish they’d gotten a different type of ice cream) but about dialing down the things that put me in a bad mood. Like packing lunches. When I’m in a good mood, any dumb bullshit is fun. It’s part of being a good hang.”

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Annie on what has surprised me about preteens: “My 10-year-old and I often go out for bagels on the weekends. We both bring our books and sit reading and eating in companionable silence. Sometimes he reach out and holds my hand. It’s…the greatest thing ever.”

Says Kat on 10 readers share their happy moments: “I purchased my dad Storyworth as a gift and oh man, the old man is bringing it. I asked who he dated before getting married, and he proceeded to tell the story of his ‘sexual awakening.’ I first read it on the bus, where I’m pretty sure my jaw was hanging open in shock and probably horror, but when I got home, I reread it — the nervous school dances with girls, the missed connections and first kisses, the story of being at college in the 1960s when a girl, casually, opened her bed to him — and, well, I laughed and smiled and felt so good. First, that we’re all human and these awkward stories make us and also delight us as we get older. And second, hell yeah, dad! These stories could have been lost and forgotten as he gets older, and no one thinks to ask, ‘hey, dad, so tell me about some hot dates you went on.’ So, I’m happy to see a fuller, more complex version of this person I love even if it’s hilariously awkward that he would share these stories with his daughter and family!”

(Photo of the Isle of Skye in Scotland by Ruth Black/Stocksy.)

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