What are you up to this weekend? A close friend is visiting NYC and I’m sooooooo happy. We have been taking long walks, and he made gazpacho for lunch today. Feels so good to be reunited. Also, a reader named Em wrote, “I would love to see a post where the amazing CoJ readers who own small businesses could link to their shops.” Well, Em, this is that post! Readers, please leave a comment about your work; we would be thrilled to see. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

The ABCs of finding a NYC apartment. (The New Yorker)

What Stanley Tucci is doing for Thanksgiving. “There’s always a place at the table for pasta.”

And how to make the feast less boring, according to Samin Nosrat.

This little gadget makes my life easier every single day.

Quiz: Is he in love with you or is he just Midwestern?

How the movie Love Hard gets representation right. “On the screen was an Asian guy that looked like the boys I grew up in the same back rows of Saturday morning Chinese school with. Boys that I struggled to rote learn Mandarin poems with, boys that I played four square with in our 15-minute breaks.”

How pretty is this green kitchen?

The trailer for the second Downton Abbey movie, which comes out next March.

The best hair tool I’ve used this year.

Made me laugh.

What a gorgeous photo of fog.

Our biggest challenge as parents. “As my mentor, Magda Gerber said… “If we can learn to struggle, we can learn to live.” It’s easy for all of us when we’re feeling good and things are going well, but the people that are deeply happy are the ones who know that they can handle all the feelings they’re going to experience in life, that it’s safe for them to have emotional pain and discomfort. That it passes.”

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Beth on the best marriage advice: “EVERYONE is annoying. Years ago, I was in a mood and telling my husband (who is basically an angel in every way) that everything that he was doing was annoying. He patiently listened and then softly said, ‘You know, sometimes you do things that are annoying, too.’ WHAT?! I asked for examples, haha. He said I constantly left things that should go in the trash around the house. Over the next few weeks, he texted me photos of my crimes: apple and banana stickers stuck to the counter, the top of the soy milk lid that you peel off when it’s new lying on the table, mail trash left in the kitchen. It made me laugh so much I cried. And reminded me that he allows me so much grace in this life we live together.”

Says Laura on are you friends with any older women: “One of my best friends is a lovely man in his 80s. We met at my first job in an ice cream parlor. Roy came in every Sunday after church since his wife passed away. I stopped working there when I turned 20, but we still regularly meet there for tea and cake! It’s been 15 years, and Roy has attended birthday parties and weddings, offered a listening ear and introduced my little brother to soccer. I always joked that he would be an usher at my wedding, here’s hoping! I love him dearly!”

(Photo by Erin Jeanne McDowell.)