What are you up to this weekend? We are having a backyard gathering at my friends’ apartment with a bunch of neighbors. I also just discovered the world’s best, thinnest, most delicious potato chips. And I am picky about potato chips! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Beautiful trees in Paris. (NYTimes gift link)

This podcast episode made me laugh out loud 100 times.

Why did Catherine Newman’s house tour touch people so deeply? Sara Petersen wrote in her newsletter that she wept after seeing Catherine’s messy entryway and cat litter and clothes chair, and Catherine told her: “I think it’s the rare hetero marriage where the responsibility of creating the vibe and style of the home doesn’t fall to the woman. So, yes. I have often wondered where people’s stuff is. I feel like it’s the house version of embodied femininity. Like, you’re supposed to hide or remove your acne and beard whiskers and pubic hair and fat rolls and tampons — to present a smooth (white) exterior to the world. And I’m over that too, it turns out! I’m letting my freak flag fly these days. Letting my bush grow down to my knees, ha ha ha, like some old crone in a fairy tale.”

Love these photographs.

Madewell is offering $75 jeans! (This is my beloved everyday pair.)

Would you live on a houseboat?

Vogue says that the cool new shoe for the fall is the “non-shoe.” (Here’s another one.)

The two-minute film The Swimmer made my heart swell.

The star power of Never Have I Ever’s Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. “‘She really made us laugh — and she made us laugh naturally,’ [co-creator] Fisher says of Ramakrishnan’s audition tape, sent in response to Kaling’s open casting call. ‘She was not the most polished actress, and she’d only had these high school shows that she had been in. But she had a really natural comedic ability, which you just cannot teach anyone. She was funny when she came in the room, and she had frizzy hair and thick glasses, was just like, “What’s up?” She dabbed a couple times.’ ” (Elle)

What! Wouldn’t you love to sit in this airplane seat?!

How to answer tough questions from toddlers, hahaha. (New Yorker)

The TikTok hashtag #SeñoraEra shows Latinx users becoming their mothers. Says our associate editor Jannelle: “This article made me laugh because it’s SO spot on! I garden now and want to paint my hallway tangerine orange. Yesterday, I received a Mexican clay bowl similar to this one from my husband’s nana and set it out on our patio table as a ‘decoration.'”

Would you eat a pickle popsicle?

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Annie on what are you an expert in: “Expert sleeper. I absolutely crush it. Airport floor? Cozy. Moving vehicle? Night night! I have wicked, deep dreams during midday naps. Only drawback for my husband is the sound level at which I have to keep the baby monitor directly next to my pillow.”

Says Abigail on what are you an expert in: “I have a a slightly checkered past, and it helps me convey hard truths without passing judgment. People feel this in my presence, and I’m proud of it.”

Says Ashley on what are you an expert in: “I’m an expert at being an aunty! I have 11 nieces and nephews and one more due next month. I’ve proudly taken on the ‘fun, single aunt’ title. They have become my nearest, dearest little besties, and I feel so thankful to have them in my life.”

(Photo by Paedii Luchs/Stocksy.)