How are you doing these days? The news is heavy. Reports from Ukraine are horrifying, and the pandemic rages on, and discriminatory political measures can make your head explode. So many people are suffering in this world.

At the same time, there is beauty and hope and love. (As my old therapist would say, both things can be true.) Spring flowers are blooming. Babies are giggling. Dogs look like humans. The After Party was a very funny show, especially the episode from the point of view of a six-year-old. My mom was very sick and now she is not. My friend Josh brought over cookies that he made with chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips, and that was a stroke of genius that we didn’t know we needed.

This Cup of Jo community is full of smart, wonderful people, and I hope you are hanging in there. Please share, if you’re in the mood…

Something you’re looking forward to:
What’s worrying you:
A TV/movie character you’d be friends with:
The yummiest thing you ate recently:
Your favorite animal:

Sending the biggest hug to anyone who needs one (everyone?). Lots of love. xoxo

P.S. Wise words, and a trick of life.

(Photo by Addie Mannan Photography/Stocksy.)