1. Dear Joanna,
    you are blessed with the cutest source of happiness.
    i was feeling a bit blue and sad tonight, and watching Toby’s giggling videos -all 3 of them- has gave me a huge smile and joy.
    thanks a lot for sharing :)

  2. what a sweet vid! and you, Joanna, have a sweet voice!

  3. This is absolutely precious! I just can’t get over it!

  4. Joanna Toby is amazing! you have a great family Toby is a very lucky baby to have such wonderful parents!
    Congratulations !

  5. Look at those cheeks!

    It’s so funny to hear your voice! I think I was expecting a british accent maybe?

    Congrats, momma! He’s adorable!

  6. m says...

    omg joanna i just watched this!
    he’s so adorable and you have a beautiful voice.so different from what i expected.
    so nice to finally hear what you both sound like! :)

  7. omg….super duper adorabe! love that!

  8. Oh, how sweet! According to J.M. Barrie a fairy is born from a baby’s first laugh!

  9. Joanna, can we PLEASE see more Toby videos?? He is just the cutest!!

  10. He is so adorable, Jo!

  11. Absolutely precious! That’s so special to have captured that on video. You’ll have it forever now! My daughter is off to college this fall and I wish I had more videos like this one now! Thanks for sharing this! Jennifer:)

  12. x says...

    and what a giggle. he seems so happy! it warms our grown up hearts. *

  13. My 7 yr. old daughter and I enjoyed the giggle together. Thanks for giving us something to giggle about together:).

  14. After watching this for the 100th time, i still can not get enough.

  15. that sound makes a momma melt every time. ;)

  16. He’s filling out and growing so well! Enjoy, it’s bliss and goes by in a flash!

  17. I missed it the first time, but then I watched it three more times because it is adorable!!! I miss those days when my daughter was a baby…

  18. How precious!

  19. Cute! I’m due with my first baby in less than a month. Your little Toby is so sweet and makes me so happy for my girl to arrive! xx

  20. Aw Joanna, what a sweet moment you’ve captured…

    Here’s to many more of Tobby’s first moments!!!


  21. This is soooo sweet!!!

  22. He is so darling! I’m so glad you were able to get that on video! Very lucky!

  23. That definitely was a giggle! So adorable! Happy weekend! xxoo :)

  24. G. says...

    best giggle EVER! you must be such a proud mama. and he totally looks like you! happy weekend, xo.

  25. so adorable! he looks like a dumpling there hahaha :D i want to pinch his cheeeeks!!!!! :)

  26. Awwww sooo cute!

  27. Oh my, talk about happiness-inducing! I love how excited you sound after hearing his little giggle.

  28. Is there anything sweeter than this? Precious.

  29. Anonymous says...


  30. so sweet!

  31. Ohhh, those firsts of everything…love them!!!!

  32. What a wonderful moment!
    Toby is such a cutie and you have a beautiful speaking voice.

  33. So cute. Lovely!

  34. this made ME giggle! ;) what a sweet pea.

  35. Haha yes! Those first baby laughs are so sweet!!

  36. gosh, he’s precious!

  37. so between you, and all of us… we must be up to 405,438!!! ADORABLE… i am so loving the toby updates… xx pam

  38. very, very cute. i love his chubby cheeks! xx

  39. so precious!! how amazing that you caught it on video :)

  40. p.s. Your voice is very sweet and uplifting. :)

  41. You truly are lucky you caught that first giggle…it was so sweet. What a handsome little fella you have!!!

  42. Yay! How lucky you caught it.

  43. Oh my god! What a great moment to catch… he’s adorable.

  44. Adorable!!!!!!!!! You are such a good mom, I bet. And like others have said before me; I like your voice but it isn’t what I expected. Kind of like seeing pictures of people from the radio for the first time.

  45. Anonymous says...

    So sweet. And good to hear your voice too!

  46. That was so cute! And it was so nice to hear your voice!!! Now we want videos of the all three of yous!

  47. How wonderful to capture this moment on video!! So sweet.

  48. That just made my day. I listened several times afterwards.

  49. aww this just made my day! he is amazingly adorable:) and you sound so thrilled with him! :)

  50. Just watched 10 more times!

    Can’t wait to meet this little guy sometime soon.


  51. Be still my heart! So cute!! I love his belly!!!

  52. he is so much bigger already! ah, chubby cheeks, so adorable!

  53. Haha priceless! So cute :D It’s great that you captured it on video!

  54. Paige says...

    ooh! so adorable! :)

  55. I can’t stop watching this! Can’t wait to see the little star up close and personal soon!

  56. Your little man is growing like a weed! This video is too adorable for words :)

  57. oh my gosh the cuteness is off the charts!!

  58. That was just too precious :) It sounds like motherhood agrees with you!

  59. Anonymous says...

    i found myself watching your clip over and over. my sons are 11 and 15 but i still remember how happy i was to hear their first giggles too!! enjoy every moment

  60. you’re so cute! “that was a giggle!” ;) he is a little doll.

  61. I think he knew Mommy was making a video for Grandma. What a sweet little pumpkin he is!

  62. tee hee – love the giggle…so cute!

  63. ADORABLE! Ahh.. the moments that make you insanely happy.

  64. Ahhh! I can’t deal, so so sweet!

    My parents have my first laugh on video too :D It’s such a nice thing to have.

  65. I just watched that four times in a row. So cute — my heart is breaking wide open!

  66. So sweet! I like how he giggled quickly like “hey mom, are you paying attention?”

  67. gorgeous! you were so lucky to capture it like you have. my six-month-old nephew has just started laughing — really laughing — and I love it.

  68. that’s the best!!! Can’t wait to meet little Toby!

  69. How great is it that you had the camera going!!! That’s so great! I would have listened to it about 400,000 times by now!!! (No kids) :-)

  70. definitely just watched it more than once! too sweet…

  71. Awwwwwwwwwww! It’s so adorable!

  72. sweet you caught this. i have a picture of my son, a baby then, smiling in his sleep. a polaroid, i still look at it and it makes me smile.

  73. Toby is the cutest baby EVER — and of course you are the most adorable mom, Joanna.

  74. CUTE nothing like a first : ) giggle!

    got a JEWELRY GIVEAWAY that ends tomorrow : ( but if you win I bet you might just giggle too lol!!!


  75. super cute!

  76. TOO cute! Congratulations on this beautiful baby boy! How great that you happened to be filming!!!

  77. OMG YOU HAVE THE CUTEST BABY KNOWN TO MAN!!! That is so sweet Joanna :)

  78. and isn’t it great that for every time he giggles, you will laugh too?! (and your voice is so different than what i thought it would sound like!). his face is really starting to show distinction in his uniqueness!

  79. ahhh I love your reaction so precious! My GF has a picture of her reaction of her son crawling for the first time it’s priceless. Obviously completely unplanned!

  80. oh my gosh, he is so precious! and who knew he could be any cuter than the pictures you’ve already posted!? what a great moment to capture!

  81. i think that might have just about made my day! so sweet!! enjoy him. :)

  82. So, so, so cute!

  83. Hahah! That was awesome…What are the odds you would get that on film?! Too precious :)

  84. Oh my goodness! How precious! Bonus: you sound like such a proud mama!

  85. oh my goodness, SO CUTE!!!!!!

  86. I love reading your mommy-updates. It reminds me of all of the “firsts” we experienced with our first-born. It really is such a special time. Enjoy every minute of it!


  87. Um.

    Possibly the cutest thing I’ve seen in, oh, months.

    Toby is the most adorable baby!

  88. Anonymous says...

    This may sound a little bizarre, but you have such a beautiful voice! And I love how we can hear you smile when Toby giggles; it’s just a very, very sweet moment.

  89. I couldn’t help but giggle myself whilst watching this! so great that you where filming at the exact moment!

  90. he is so adorable

  91. Katie says...

    Ohhhh, that’s adorable! And I don’t even like babies.

  92. Is that your voice? So beautiful! And Toby, he is a star! Thank God you were filming this precious moment. Toby is the cutest baby ever ;)

  93. Boo, video is blocked at work. :-( But rest assured, I will be checking it out as soon as I get home! I love baby giggles :-)

  94. Oh that was adorable!! You are not helping my baby fever AT.ALL. :)

  95. Anonymous says...

    He is so precious! His little giggle is the cutest thing!!!!

  96. SO PRECIOUS! What a handsome little fellow he is :)

  97. Awww :) Yay for giggles!

  98. OMG
    he is just TOOO cute.

  99. So sweet! And so lucky that you captured the first one. Every time I hear an infant’s laugh I think of Annie Lamott’s description of her son’s first laugh.”His laughter was like little bells.” Yeah Toby!

  100. Thats the best! I love all the very first times. They make your whole day.

  101. oh you proud mama! he’s so adorable… i’m sure with lovely parents like you he’ll grow up smiling and laughing all the time :)

  102. that’s the sweetest thing!

  103. Amazing! What a wonderful moment to have caught on tape.

  104. How adorable!! Lucky to have it on video too :)

  105. Awww that made my little teary…It was a giggle for sure!!!

    He is growning so fast:)

    Very cute and he loves his mama very much:)

    Kisses,Joanna and thank you for sharing….I am having such a baby fever righ now…hahaha

  106. So sweet! I’m so happy you were able to catch that on film!


  107. Toby’s giggle is adorable, much like your voice. Nice to put a voice to a face!

  108. That is too too sweet.

  109. teehehe. He’s changed so much! So adorable!!!

  110. oh wow, so precious, what a sweetie pie! I am so glad you got that on video!

    I am so glad you got to experience that, so sweet :)

  111. oh this is so cute!!!

  112. Cute cute cute!

  113. bk says...

    Oh i want to have a squeeze!

  114. Yay, that’s the best! Honestly, that is and will be the best sound you ever hear now in your life … your kid(s) giggle.

  115. it’s odd to hear your voice! now that you have a vimeo account, we will all be expecting way more baby videos! i hope you’re prepared. ;)


  116. so so cute! congratulations for such a sweet boy. i’ve watched a few times too :)

  117. heart-melter for sure. too cute.

  118. How adorable he is!! Omg!! Awww that’s incredible that you caught it on camera!!

  119. So precious! That’s so awesome you were able to catch it on video.

  120. ah, so precious!

  121. Lisa says...

    ahhh so cute i just played it 10 times!

  122. PRECIOUS!

  123. SO sweet!