You know when the ketchup just will not come out of the bottle? And by bottle, I mean the old school glass Heinz kind, where you can see the ketchup right there at the opening, but it will not budge? Well, if you give the bottle’s neck a decisive chop with the side of your hand, the result will be a veritable Niagara Falls. I learned this from my husband, Andy, when we were first dating and it might be the reason we got married.

From my years-ago coworker Kelly, I learned that you can pick up a wayward egg shell shard by scooping it out with a larger piece of shell, and even though I am certain Kelly has long forgotten me, I think of her every single time I am making my breakfast scramble. Just this week, some Instagrammer recommended bringing cold butter to room temperature by dome-ing it with a warm glass for a few minutes, and now I can’t wait to find myself confronted by the usually frustrating ingredient distinction “unsalted butter, at room temperature.”

So, I ask: What’s your best kitchen hack, tip, blow-our-minds trick?

P.S. A lazy egg sandwich, and a potato salad trick.

(Photo by B&J/Stocksy.)