winter walks BBC

winter walks BBC

My British friend told me about Winter Walks, a BBC series that follows a person walking solo around the countryside while they chat stream-of-consciousness. “Whoever planted these trees did a jolly good job,” says one guy. “This part is a bit slippery, but have you really gone for a good walk if your shoes aren’t muddy at the end?” You can hear cows mooing and birds chirping in the background. How sweet is that? (Apparently, my grandmother is a big fan.) It reminds me of Norway’s Slow TV, which features crackling fireplaces or people knitting sweaters.

sorrow and bliss by meg mason

Recently, many people have asked, “What was your favorite book of 2021?” My answer is threefold: Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason, a novel about a funny married woman in England who is struggling with mental illness; You’ll Never Believe What Happened: Crazy Stories About Racism by comedian Amber Ruffin and her sister Lacey Lamar; and Oh! William by Elizabeth Strout, my all-time favorite novelist. (Here’s an interview with her.) Did you read any good books this year?

nail salon Brooklyn

When my mom visited last week, we went out for pedicures. She asked me what color I was getting, and I realized I’ve worn the same color every winter for years: this perfect, punchy red.

Alison roman soup

Soups for winter? Groundbreaking. But! This sausage noodle soup with broccoli rabe is soooo hearty and delicious. We’re making it for dinner tonight, in fact. Any others you’d recommend? I know this is a very soup-friendly community.

P.S. More fun things, and babies sleeping outside in Denmark.

(Nail salon photo by Ruchki da Nozhki in Brooklyn.)

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