woman with map

woman with map

This morning, I’m feeling wanderlust-y. So, I’d love to ask: If money, weather and COVID were no object, where in the world would you want to travel? My answer is easy…

star inn Yorkshire

I would take a rambling road trip around England. We loving visiting my grandmother’s fishing village but haven’t explored much of the rest of the country. So, in my dream trip, we’d start at the Star Inn with its crooked staircases and Sunday roasts.

Next, we’d go to the Jurassic coast to see the cliffs! Can you imagine taking this walk?

thatched cottage best Cornwall airbnb

Finally, we would cozy up in this teeny, tiny thatched cottage with an open fire and nearby pub.

What are your travel fantasies? I’m reading this book to help scratch the itch, and check out this jaw-dropping print shop!

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(Top photo by Ulas&Merve/Stocksy. Jurassic coast photo by Holly Farrier, via Conde Nast Traveller.)