Jannelle Sanchez

Today, I’m so excited to introduce a new Cup of Jo team member! Jannelle Sanchez has come on board as our part-time editorial and marketing assistant, and we already can’t imagine the site without her. (This was her first post.) Her role includes managing the CoJ inbox, building and writing posts, organizing photo shoots, fixing code, and handling lots of grab-bag tasks that are incredibly helpful to our team. Here’s more about Jannelle…

Her Backstory

Jannelle grew up in San Jose, California (and prides herself in knowing the best pan dulce spots in town). After graduating from college with a journalism degree, Jannelle wrote on the marketing teams of various tech companies — but always found time for her personal blog, Kinsisters, which features women’s stories, travel recommendations, and life realizations. She now lives in the Bay Area with her husband, Max, and their baby girl, Ella. You can find her on Instagram, if you’d like.

Lightning Round Q&A

Favorite movie: Julie & Julia. I love Meryl Streep’s take on Julia Child, and I’m always encouraged by the fact that Julia got her start later in life. Seeing that reminds me that it’s okay to not have everything together right away. Life is full of new starts and opportunities.

Daily breakfast: Dave’s Killer Bread Boomin’ Berry Bagel toasted with butter, or Greek yogurt with strawberries and honey. And a cup of coffee.

Random pet peeve: When people over talk me. Just let me finish my sentence!

Jannelle Sanchez

Most memorable vacation: Max and my 2019 Europe trip. We visited cities like London, Munich and Prague, and got to spend time with family and friends who live abroad. I even got my Lizzie McGuire Movie moment when Max whisked me around Florence on a Vespa.

Song always on your playlist: Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders. It makes me feel nostalgic and happy — and always inspires some very enthusiastic fist pumps.

Jannelle Sanchez

How you chose your daughter’s name: Early on, Max and I made the agreement that if we had a girl, I’d get to choose the name, and if we had a boy, he would. When we found out we were having a girl, I immediately narrowed it down to Remi and Ella. After playing out calling each name in different imaginary scenarios, Ella became the winner. It’s short, sweet, and felt right. Once I shared it with Max and he liked it, we never looked back.

Cute thing your daughter is doing these days: OHMYGOODNESS how can I choose just one?! She’s really into dancing and being chased. And whenever I surprise her, she’ll get the biggest, cheesiest, most mischievous smile on her face, which I could stare at forever.

Number-one thing on your holiday wishlist: This Skims tank and pants set. It looks so cozy.

Fun fact: I always feel weird saying this, but I’m a good singer! I grew up singing at church, performed at college open mics, and even participated in voice competitions when I was younger (and won most of them!). Singing is something I still love to do, and let’s just say I’m not shy when it comes to karaoke. (My song is ‘I Will Survive.’)

A few more pics of Jannelle

Jannelle Sanchez

With her brother and grandma in Mexico, 1997.

Jannelle Sanchez

Jannelle and Max on their wedding day.

Jannelle Sanchez

With her best friend Angela.

Jannelle Sanchez

Hanging with Ella.

Any other questions for Jannelle? We know you’ll love her as much as we do!

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(Top photo by Kelcey Hutton Photography.)

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