plaid shirt

plaid shirt

Tonight, we are meeting for our team holiday dinner, and I’m wearing this classic plaid shirt. I love how pretty and cozy it feels. Here are three other versions, if you’d like to see: ruffle, puff sleeve, and splurge.

Did you hear how 30 people recently got stranded at a Danish Ikea during a snowstorm? Apparently, the night was super fun — they ate cinnamon buns, played cards, watched TV and then slept in the showroom beds. One of the managers walked around singing lullabies. Kind of amazing, right?

Carlos Quirarte

Speaking of places to sleep, I loved this NYTimes apartment tour with restaurateur Carlos Quirarte. The questions are awesome, including “How do you handle the street noise?” and “Ever cry in this room?”

chicken parm meatballs

Finally, I was hoping to ask: What dinners do you make all the time in the winter? We’re kickstarting our seasonal rotation of chicken parm meatballs, and I’m curious to hear yours.

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