polruan Cornwall

polruan Cornwall

What do you usually pack for trips? My friend Susan has a great approach: she packs in a single color scheme, so she can mix and match during her trip. Before leaving for this week with my aunt and grandmother in Cornwall (yaaaaaaaayyyyyy!), I wrote down the mostly blue pieces that can layer for unpredictable English weather. Here’s what I brought (and I’d love to hear your go-tos)…

1. For years, this babaa sweater has been the first thing I’ve put in my suitcase. It’s super soft and thin, so it works well in all types of weather. I wear it with jeans on the flight and over/under any ensemble while exploring.

2. The exact dress I’m packing is from Ganni forever ago, but any dark patterned dress is perfect for traveling. You can feel chic, pair with sneakers, wear it to dinner, spill stuff on it, whatever! It’s your workhorse. (Plaid, floral, tiered)

3. A chambray shirt that goes with everything, check.

4. Striped shirts? Groundbreaking. But this one, with its loose fit and contrasting neckline, feels special. Plus, it comes in nine cool colors.

5. Wrinkle-free pajamas for padding around and making tea in the mornings.

6. Whenever I wear this track jacket, friends, neighbors and even strangers compliment it. It’s a random/funny crowdpleaser, and I love how comfy it is.

7. Old-school jeans, with a tiny bit of stretch, that just fit really well.

8. I have an old Clare V. bag that I’m slowly wearing to death, but the new ones are gorgeous, too. How cool is this puffer?

9. Trusty sneakers to go with jeans and dresses.

10. Flats when you want to feel graceful. (Ballet, Mary Jane, leather.)

All in all, for a week in England, I packed: two jackets, two sweaters, three shirts, one dress, two pairs of jeans, flats, sneakers, pajamas, and a crossbody bag. You can mix and match everything. Plus, of course, I brought underwear and bras; and my everyday makeup and skincare. That’s it!

What do you pack for trips? I’d love to hear. Here are some Instagram photos from this week, if you’d like to see; here’s what I packed two years ago. xoxo

P.S. How to pack without wrinkles and a vacation mistake.

(Top photo of my grandmother by Belathee.)

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