cherry cake at the fair

cherry cake at the fair

Whenever we make Smitten Kitchen’s strawberry cake, everyone in our house goes bananas. It’s warm and moist and makes the apartment smell like a strawberry patch. There are certain recipes that people just love, and that’s definitely one of them.

On the subject of crowdpleasing recipes, a reader named Midge wrote: “The best banana bread recipe is this one from a million years ago. It has three tablespoons of bourbon, and when my friend tried it, she said, ‘You should take that shit to the fair.'”

To which CoJ reader Meghan replied: “Midge, that made me laugh so hard. Can we please make ‘take that shit to the fair’ happen? Who’s with me?”

So! In the spirit of making TTSTTF happen, I would love to know: what recipe would you take to the fair? A baked good? A chicken dish? A signature cocktail? I feel like Alex might win some ribbons for his 10-minute salmon sandwiches. Please weigh in below…

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