arq underwear

arq underwear

So, a Cup of Jo reader named Kate has a question for the group…

“I desperately need help finding underwear, but I have a bunch of checkboxes,” Kate wrote in an email. “They need to be made from a mostly natural material but ideally not cotton — so Tencel or merino. I would like no visible panty line, but I also have a large butt that likes to eat anything that comes its way, so they need to not be wedgie-inducing (thongs are totally out). Ethical/inclusive brands are my first choice; I’m less concerned about price. PLEASE HELP!”

What should we tell her? Here are three suggestions:

magi underwear

Personally, I love Magi (£20). “It all began with a yeast infection,” says founder Nergiz De Baere. “My gynecologist recommended cotton underwear, but I knew cotton was very water thirsty and needed lots of pesticides to grow.” She wanted a pair made from hemp (which is anti-microbial and more breathable than cotton), and when she couldn’t find a cute style, she decided to make her own. Head’s up: When my pairs arrived, they felt slightly stiff, but they got super, super soft after washing a couple times.

Bombas underwear

We knew Bombas made socks, but did you know they also make underwear? Their seamless bikini ($20) is made from a modal nylon blend. Also, underwear is the second most requested item in homeless shelters; for every Bombas item purchased, they donate one to someone in need.

arq underwear

Lastly, if you’re open to GOTS certified organic cotton, Kim swears by Arq high-rise undies ($28 to $30 per pair). “This year, I’ve been wearing fewer clothes around the apartment, and I LOVE the way I look in these,” she says. Bonus: They come in 19 pretty colors.

Thoughts? What underwear do you wear? Please weigh in below…

P.S. A secret trick.

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