yellow bathroom Hotel Deux Gares

yellow bathroom Hotel Deux Gares

On this cloudy Wednesday, let’s talk about color. Our apartment has white bathrooms, but how cool are these colorful ones?

yellow bathroom Hotel Deux Gares

First, I stumbled upon this all-yellow bathroom in the Hotel Deux Gares. I’d love to take a morning soak in that bath.

green bathroom Luke Edward Hall

Designers Luke Edward Hall and Duncan Campbell have a green bathroom in their English countryside cottage. (In fact, the whole house explodes with color: the living room is olive, the dining room is mustard, the main bathroom is lilac, and the guest rooms are blue and pink.)

pink bathroom

Stasia Buckle, based in Gloucester, England, painted her bathroom pink. “I kind of took a risk, but I think it paid off,” she told Domino Magazine. And how cool is that red doorframe?

blue shower

This blue bathroom, with pops of red, lives in a midcentury house in California.

popham tiles

All these photos remind me of my friend Liz’s bathroom in New Jersey. Those floor tiles blew me away. (I realize that was the most Mom Comment™ ever.)

California kitchen

And, finally, this isn’t a bathroom, but how GORGEOUS are the colors in this California kitchen?

Now I want to make a paint run to the hardware store. What color is your bathroom? Or kitchen? Or bedroom?

P.S. This Brooklyn apartment has the prettiest paint colors, and a bedroom trick.

(Green bathroom photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Architectural Digest. Blue shower and kitchen photo by Laure Joliet for Architectural Digest.)