Last night, I came across photos of Alex and me hosting our first staring contest back in 2009, and I could not stop laughing.

The rules are simple: you have to look into other people’s eyes without smiling or laughing. (Heckling, of course, is encouraged.)

As I pointed out back then, the night ends up being hilariously flirty, since the only time you usually gaze at someone without smiling is when you’re about to kiss.

The best players think about sad things or bite their tongues.

Meanwhile, I had no chance — I couldn’t even hold a straight face to start my turn. And last night, while practicing alone in our bedroom, I still kept laughing BY MYSELF, looking at NO ONE.

I’d highly recommend hosting one if you’re in the mood for a truly fun night. I can’t wait to plan another.

Would you host a staring contest? (Here are photos of our last two.) Any other fun party ideas?

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