Last night, eight people were fatally shot at Asian-owned spas in the Atlanta area. Six were Asian. And since last March, there have been nearly 3,800 reports of hate incidents targeting Asian-Americans in the United States, according to Stop AAPI Hate. “Once again we see that hate is deadly,” Georgia senator Reverend Raphael Warnock tweeted.

We are holding the victims’ families close in our hearts today, and we stand with the Asian-American community. “No words can fully describe what I feel as an Asian American. We are beyond exhausted, heartbroken, angry,” writes Kim Saira on Instagram. Add Claire Tran on Twitter: “With what’s happening in Atlanta, I just want to send love to everyone who — like me and many friends — grew up sitting around our parents’ nail salon or restaurant, or nervously awaiting them to come home from an overnight shift at a convenience store. The worry never goes away.”

If you can, please join us in donating to the Support the AAPI Community Fund. We will match readers’ donations up to $5,000 — all you have to do is make a donation to an organization supporting AAPI causes and forward your receipt, with subject line “donation,” to Update: Our readers donated $5,000 within a few hours, and we have matched the donation. Thank you so much.

Also, please consider following Stop AAPI Hate, Asian American Federation and Advancing Justice Atlanta on Instagram to get involved.

Thank you so much. We support our Asian-American readers and the larger Asian-American community today and always. Please share other ideas of ways to help, in the comments below.

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(Photo by Jim Wilson.)